Post Game discussion (Burn the Witches vol 4 - third in a row...)

So, he had 130 yds when it mattered most. And then he was sacked twice. Not even a chance to throw for the win. The coach can't recognize ha blitz, and the protection, like all game, collapsed.

Give me a break.

I think its oversimplifying things to believe its masoli that is the problem. Trevor Harris threw 23 passes for 228 yards and no touchdowns but he got the win. There is a whole lot more going on than just the QB. I think there are way way bigger problems with the team than him.
Its like the forest for the trees that changing to a different qbwill cure all ills. If you had another quarterback today, who can also kick field goals, coach and play o-line, well then maybe, but I dont know of one.

And catch interceptions .......and not take penalties.....

You do NOT get rid of a QB who throws for 300 + yds every game. You fix the rest.

Took the words right out of my mouth.
Some dropped passes, but also some huge catches to SAVE Masoli.

He had time.

The TSN panel was incredulous that he didn't even try to throw. Maybe you get a PI, maybe your guy comes down with the ball.

Or, you could lock eyes on only one receiver, and hold on to the ball until the game ends.

It's a pretty good consolation for the loss. In fact, it's arguably more important than winning. Harris only got 228 tonight, and I'll bet the OTT fans are furious.

Exactly how many touchdowns does your 300 yard plus per game QB have??

Yards don't win games.... POINTS do

6 games into the season and what do we see? Dropped passes, O-line breakdowns, missed field goals, bad play-calling, bad passes, stupid penalties, the lack of a purposeful running game and a lack of fire.
This stuff should never happen, even in pre-season games.

The August schedule looks right now as if we will lose against Winnipeg and Edmonton.....and maybe even Montreal. Toronto? Hard to say what kind of a threat they will pose.

We are not a comeback team....far too many weak links for that.

We lose a close game where the kicker is terrible and misses chip shots, the DBs drop INTs costing points, the team has almost 200 yds in penalities, the running game is terrible, receivers drop passes, there are protection mistakes which let guys walk in, and the coach makes boneheaded plays, but it’s the 300 yd passing QB who’s to blame?

You guys are unbelievable.

And the 2 losses to SSK?

So you don't have an answer about this game?

You're right. Cut Masoli. That will solve everything.

BTW in 6 games Masoli has 4 Tds

Mike Reily has 13

Who's the elite QB??

Problem is, Tommy, we CAN'T cut him, we traded away the only viable replacement to Montreal

This is as good as it gets moving forward

No, we should still cut him. He's the problem.

Sure, receivers are dropping balls, and we're taking 200 yds in penalties, the defense NEVER gets a turnover, the OLine is terrible, and we don't have a running game, the FG kicker is awful, and the coach makes very questionable play calls.....but, it's obviously on our 300 yd per game passing QB, who must go, and the sooner the better.

We should have kept Collaros (wins don't count when you're talking about Collaros). We should have kept Manziel (he's probably really good, I guess...maybe...I think? Even though Masoli beat him out).

Cut Masoli now. That will give us the chance we need.

Masoli took over the worst team in years less than a year ago and made them competitive. But, so what.

Cut him.

We scored 15 points.

One in garbage time against the prevent defence.

Accompanied by what you said (I agree with the mistakes, etc), but's on Masoli.

The dude just can't finish!

I agree.
Cut him.

Everyone else who was terrible has an excuse, but not him.

Cut him now.

No need.
Masoli is the problem.

Cut him now. That will solve everything.

It's pretty clear that both sides of this argument are being petulant.

I still believe that Masoli is a solid QB. The sad thing to me is that if the Cats hadn’t traded JF he would have still sat on the bench the whole game today. I don’t understand it.

As far as Masoli, he has had 4 chances to come from behind and win. If he is ever going to be a GC QB he is going to have to be able to sustain a game winning drive. The 300 yards is great but it doesn’t automatically lead to points. Yards do not matter. Only points matter.

Come from behind victories don’t come easy. Anyone know the QB’s that lead the CFL in that category?

If every player on the team outplays his counterpart like Masoli did to Harris well win every game.but ya he's terrible.the130 yrs he got was not garbage time when you still have a chance to win