Post Game discussion (Burn the Witches vol 4 - third in a row...)

Once again Masoli can't get it done.
But hey! He passed for over 300-yards again!

It's Jones who can't get it done.

When will he learn the defenses are going to come after them when it matters? A screen maybe? Once?

We get to the 10 yard line and then hands off for nothing. Give Masoli two chances to throw to the endzone.

Dropped passes by Jones and Williams. Stupid penalty by Westerman. Dropped INT by Brooks. Missed FGs.

This is not on Masoli.

Bad coaching, bad receiving, no turnovers again, and terrible special teams lost this one.

Defence played pretty good…No real problems there…

This offence is OFFENSIVE!!!..Time to dispense with the theory that June Jones is some sort of offensive “evil genius”…He’s not and everyone has figured his game out…

And, the critical play calling…Over a minute and a half and you try an onside kick? …Absolutely moronic!!!

I suspect missing Tasker and Tolliver have something to do with this limited offensive output, but, that makes poor play calling from the bench even more egregious…

I suspect that Jones will be “stepping down” at the end of the year for the implementation of Steinauer…

Next week................Johnny Football!!!!!!!!!!!! Chance for both teams to be 2-5!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed. And once again, the team runs the hurry up offence & it produces. So maybe do it more often to keep the d off balance? FFS...

Oh, and I forgot.....missed blocking assignments.

You have 2 plays to throw to the endzone and win and you can't even get the QB enough time to actually throw it??


I was scared weeks ago when in an interview after a win Masoli mentioned that theyve run every play in the offence we've seen basically everything. Didn't think it was serious but now it's obvious this is all completely figured out.

WR screen passes still???? They haven't worked once, and won't when the blocking receivers are all string bean little guys.

Are you kidding? "This is not on Masoli" How many times did he miss wide open receivers? If it wasn't for Saunders making great catches he would not have thrown for 300 yards again. How many times can I say it, throwing for 300 yards means zilch winning games is what counts. He isn't even progressing through his reads he is just relying on his first target and if he isn't open he panics. He can't get it done at crunch time which means we are in for another losing season, but hey people will be happy if we make the playoffs because then anything can happen LOL.

This is funny. You even talk about him throwing for 300 yds over and over again, and still find a way to blame him.

Dropped passes, missed blocks, stupid play calls, and bad kicking lost this game.

If you think otherwise, then you must be kidding or have your head in the sand.

Sure missing wide open receivers, throwing behind them like the pass to Banks in the end zone for example, trying to thread passes to receivers that are double and triple covered yes I blame him and 300 yards throwing and losing football games amounts to garbage just like his QB skills. I think you may be the Ostrich.

Why is it that there is so many fans in denial when it comes to Masoli??????

When the ALS and Manzeil beats us next week, they will still be in denial.

When we miss the playoffs they will still be in denial.

What does it take to wake people up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt the Als beat us next week, even with Manziel at the helm, but yea denial is prevelant on this site

I think we win next week, and JM will probably throw for over 300 again, but all that does is sugarcoat the evident, JM can toss alot of yards, but cannot finish a drive...... consistently.

I have read talk about JM finally being considered "elite"
Elite QBs dont go nearly 3 games without tossing a TD pass

We are going nowhere with Masoli as our number 1 QB, that much is clear

I would agree with that but Masoli for whatever reason has provided more than enough evidence that he just doesn't have that intangible called winning, as much as I was hoping on him, I gotta realize now it was all wishful thinking.

Here's a crazy idea... is it possible that BOTH Jones and Masoli didn't do enough to win? Why is it around here there can only be one person responsible?

Jones called a poor game (again), Masoli executed and played a poor game (again).

Blaming Masoli, who throws for 300+ yds almost every game, is like blaming a RB who gets a hundred yards every game. It's just plain stupid.

They march down the field with passes, and then, once in the Red Zone, they run it. That's not on Masoli.

Also, they seem to want to bench any RB who has success. Timmis dominates a game and then basically gets benched. Thomas Erlington -- same.

White has been average at best and looks slow, but no way Timmis or Erlington get back in.

Masoli is not he problem. That's clear to anyone who knows anything about football.

Is it possible to call a good game that isn't executed properly. ... doesn't 1 mask the other?

Why did we short kick with 1:50 minutes left in the game .We had the wind ,maybe could have got a single or our defence holds them as they did most of the game and we have good field position instead of giving the RB’s a field goal !
Not a good call coach ,if there was 50 seconds left OK, but 1:50…??

Please stop. he had 130 yards in the last 2 minutes of the game. Once again, with the game on the line (3rd time already this season) he came up short. I'm still waiting for him to pull one out.

I'll flip the tables and say I don't care if a basketball player has 40 points if he misses 4 free throws and a layup in the final minute.

You're right and if there was a poll that asked who is more to blame for this game, Jones or Masoli I would pick Jones. Jones is annoying. So many dumb play calls - I just cannot figure him out. I'm just not happy with June Jones. He leaves way too many what ifs on the field. Way too many.

Obviously you don't!