Post Game celebration a sign of things to come?

After watching the two differences in celebrations after the Al’s and Stamps won their respective division it kinda lets you into the mindset of the two clubs. First of all, the Al’s showed that we want nothing to do with the eastern division trophy we have other bigger goals in mind. Mean while the stamps acted like they had already won the cup. The win lifted a big monkey of Henry Burris’ back and its intresting to see how he does after that. I think Calgary during the West final and i think that was on display during the awarding of the trophy. Goin up against a tough and extremely determined Al’s team at home…i’m thinking a big numbers win for the Al’s (which i personally would be okay with :smiley: )

i don't see how so. i understand the whole don;t touch the lesser trophy being the division finals. but what calgary did was big. they played an awful first half and we able to stick it out and come back to win. for henry its s huge thing, he finally getting rid of that tile of choke artist. so ya i understand that montreal has the lets move on to bigger and better things. but i don;t aruge with calgary and celebrating what they have done it their first time to the show since winning back in 01. i'd be crazy pumped too.

Calgary paraded around with the trophy....Good for them
Montreal would not touch the trophy...Good for them as well.

Each team celebrated in the way they saw fit.....neither is right...neither is wrong

There's nothing wrong with celebrating a huge win. Not touching the trophy doesn't make you any more focused.

Personally, I think the whole not touching the trophy is sort of lame. You just won your division, and now you're going to the big game. Celebrate! Pat yourself on the back; you deserve it. You have another 7 days to get focused.

Neither does growing a beard, but it is what they do during NHL playoffs :wink:

Yeah, athletes are usually superstitious, but not the Stamps I guess.

Now what do u think the chances of calgary coming up flat in the GC because they put so much into the west semi and it was such a big game for them? Kinda like Pittsburg (busted their butts in the playoffs last year....only to get to the stanley cup finals and get destroyed by detroit)

The difference is that the Penguins weren't nearly as good a team as Detroit. That series went about as well as it should have. The Stamps and Als are more evenly matched.