Post Game articles.....Monday morning

Well, here's a bunch to read: (seems like the Spec articles are hinting that Chang may start on Labour Day)....and note the bonus article....very cool news!

Happy Reading 8)

Labour-ing Under Chang ...Hamilton Spectator

Ticats Woes ...Hamilton Spectator

Can't change their stripes ....Hamilton Spectator

Taaffe ponders Chang ....Hamilton Spectator

Alouettes manhandle Cats .... CBC

Calvillo leads Als past Cats ....Sportsnet

Alouettes beat hapless Cats ....London Free Press

Bonus Article:

(note: not officially confirmed by Ticats....yet :slight_smile: )

Morreale and Hitchcock to be honoured on Labour Day ....Sportsnet

Go Cats! :cowboy:

Thanks mikey, excellent reads.
I could become a fan of Steve Milton. He has his head on straight..

One point.. In one article talking about the Ticats and Alouettes, he uses the phrase...'two teams which share common ownership'.

'Common Ownership'? What have I missed? Any ideas?

i think he means really rich guys..

Wilf, I found the part you are referring to:

"This was the night which highlighted the vast difference between two teams which share common ownership, managerial and coaching goals, but not much between the sidelines."

I think the word "common" could have been replaced by the word "similar"....that's what I think was meant; ---> similar

I believe that "common" refers to "goals" the two teams share: ownership goals,
managerial goals,
coaching goals.
At first reading, it is a bit ambiguous.

"If one guy's not doing it, we have to give the other guy a chance. We're never going to find out about him if he is not out there playing."

Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie Taaffe.

Thanks for trying, guys..

Your suggested interpretations make some sense, but...
If I were writing, and had in mind any of those thoughts, I would NOT express them by using the phrase 'common ownership'.

Maybe it was just poor phaseology on his part, maybe I'm just searching for something not there, maybe I'm getting senile, maybe....