Post Game : 1150 Vs 900 Am ?!

I find the Stats and call in show for format just better than 1150 what can I say the Fifth QTR is still number #1 in my books what ya think , I just go with experience and History on CFL commentary :thup:

One thing is the same on both stations - most of the people who call in cannot even string a proper sentence together.

booze talks man armchair QB :thup:

yea, whether it's 900 CHML or TSN1150 it's going to be the same callers and they are the ones who bring up the topics so what's the difference?

Fifth quarter without a doubt.

Where do they broadcast 1150 from Toronto or Hamilton?

Please forgive my laughter. Reading the first post on this thread, I realized that you are the creator of this topic.

I would suggest you take a few moments to review what you have written before hitting the “Submit” button. :lol:

I jump between 1150 and 900. I cant go cold turkey from the 5th Quarter. My problem is with listening to 1150 over the internet, I keep getting crackling which I find very annoying while listening. Anyone else have this issue?

Yeah me too TCHABS. It sounds like listening to an old AM radio station that's not tuned in exactly on the dial. It's annoying for sure and as soon as the play by play is done I go over to 900. I follow on the " in tune radio " app. It's seems to be the only station that I have this problem with! :thdn:

I think the difference is on 900 CHML the fans had more calls and the CKOC show has more commentary from the hosts, so far I prefer the CHML 5th Quarter, but there is time for CKOC to improve, I hope they allow more calls from fans.

No problem that I've noticed listening online on my laptop.

It's possible that there are fewer callers on CKOC because most are used to calling in to CHML and are continuing to call the 5th Quarter instead.

I didn't realize that the 5th quarter was still on, I thought they changed it to CKOC, I'm glad you told us, next game I'll be tuning in to 900 CHML.

Tigger CHML does not broadcast the game only the after game show.

Is the "after game show a call in show similar to the 5th quarter? if it is I'd be tuning to that instead of CKOC.

Spread the word, CHML is still doing the 5 th quarter with Rick Zamperin, same as its always been!