Post F/A Nissan Power Rankings

Nissan Titan Post-Free Agency #CFL Power Rankings:

  1. #Calstampeders
  2. #Esks
  3. #Riders
  4. #Argos
  5. #Bombers
  6. #Redblacks
  7. #Ticats
  8. #AlsMTL

how is Toronto not first? with the additions of tj heath, ronnie yell and Taylor reed. not to mention laing, woods, and bass all coming back. oh and some scrub named wilder

I certainly do not agree with the power rankings. The ranking would imply the Tiger Cats have made little if no improvements during free agency. I am not sure how they come up with formula that deams Calgary we number one. For my money, Winnipeg has done a great job signing quality players. BC has done a great job as well and the Rough Riders in imo have created a very scary team on paper.

I look to see Calgary face some hard realities and not compete in the Grey Cup while other west teams have improved vastly on paper. In the east the Arblows look scary good on paper. The Tiger Cats have done little to improve player wise but have two of the best defensive minds in the CFL. I am not sure this will be enough to compete with the elite teams.

We play @#1, @#2, #5 and @#3 in our first 4 games of the season.
Going 2 and 2 to start the season would be great!

Minus pushing the Bombers down the list below the Argos, this is exactly the same as the standings order from the end of last season:


The power rankings are always so lazy. A team can do great one year and bomb the next, so basically repeating the standings from last year (again, minus the shade toward Winnipeg) makes the power rankings seem really pointless.

Then again, the power rankings are always like this. Almost always by records, because the writers never know how to weigh potential and momentum.

I agree with you CatLady.

They are more marketing hype than analysis.

I find it amusing that some people get all riled up because our team isn't ranked as highly as they would like.Who cares? They're just opinions, and they're pretty meaningless anyway in a nine-team league where six teams make the playoffs.

But hey, if Nissan think they'll sell a few more trucks by sponsoring it, that's ok with me.

That's crazy. Don't they know we signed a new kicker?

all teams except Montreal should be closely bunched

I would have at least the top 4 at : 1-Esks 2-Argos 3-Stampeders's a toss up for the rest.

realistically, they’re power rankings, and they don’t seem too far off to me. Sure it’s crappy seeing the cats as far down as they are, but realistically, even when we were rolling at the end of the season, a lot of the hype was because we came close against Calgary (hey look the best team) and stole one from winnipeg… but we also got to beat MTL twice, and gave up 43 and 41 points when it mattered most (last two games against TO and OTT) so fair enough there. Have to assume improvement will come just because it has to, can’t be that unlucky for ever, plus add Tolliver, plus add a Canadian kicker again(while stealing from Winnipeg), but that’s just wishful thinking at this point.

As for the rest of the standings:

-still a beast, gave away the GC
-the actual hottest team down the stretch last year as much as we’d like to think otherwise. Got younger and faster
-dangerous last year, loaded up in FA
-won the damn thing
-lost their kicker, looked really good but human all year.
-see way above
-ya… made some interesting moves, not sure how great they’ll be, but they’ve got some potential on paper.
-dude… even Calvillo left…

Medlock re-signed in WPG for this season, It was the Arblows that lost their kicker(to us):slight_smile:

WPG will be very strong, Have a very strong Canadian content.
Harris, Demski, Coates, Neufeld, Goossen, Chungh & Loffler all as starters

The Ranking is pure nonsense. Letz put into perspective. Last year before season start, TiCats were ranked 1 or 2 and were slatted for a Grey Cup appearance by many so called “football? experts.

Glass half empty!

Nobody knew that Collaros wasn't going to be back to his previous level. And nobody knew that Toliver would get injured on the first play of the first game and be out for the season.

But yeah, the rest of the team didn't live up to expectations either. Fingers crossed that they got it wrong again, the other way of course.

You may be correct on what you say, Slomojo2005, about last year's prior-to-season rankings. However, at some point -- either going into, during, or right after the Pre-Season, we were ranked 5th. When the Regular Season started, we were 8th for 2 weeks, then 9th in Week 3, 8th for 2 more weeks, then came our peak -- 6th for Weeks 14, 15 & 16. Then it was back to 8th for a week, and we finished up with 3 straight weeks @ #7. I'd say that was a pretty fair season of rankings for the TiCats and how they performed. And, I don't disagree with our placing in this first ranking for 2018.

You can see a review of last year's week-by-week rankings by scrolling down in this link:

All marketing BS from the spin masters of the CFL to keep the top performing teams of the regular season in place no matter how they finished the year or who won the Grey Cup or who now has made the most improvements as a team prior to the start of a new season.

It always seem to be the tradition of whoever won the Grey Cup was the top team and the team to beat coming into the new season no matter who finished in which place the year before. Forget all the computer models and marketing BS it all comes down to performance on the field come game time.

We need a strong performance from the Tiger-Cats this year!

I would say it's more like the following:


I would say it's more like the following: 8) :slight_smile:


In all seriousness the last time I looked it was the 2nd week of March aka the off season . No teams have played any games yet . Every team as of this date has not won or lost a game this season . Everyone is a perfect 0-0 . T.Camp is still 2 months away . Nobody has drafted anyone yet . Not one team has declared or set their roster yet . No team has suffered any significant injuries to key members of their roster yet . The last time I looked not one HC has been fired or is even close to being fired yet . I could go on and on but I think everybody gets the picture here .

Long story short in a nutshell.......these off season so called Power Rankings mean absolutely SFA and should be looked at in that way , with a rather large grain of salt . Basically until the real bullets start flying and the 2018 season officially opens on June 14 (June 16 for us ) all this P-Ranking stuff is just off season posturing and filler just to take up space on a page by a bored football reporter with too much time on his hands until the REAL season starts . In other words.....Move along people , nothing to see here , nothing to get excited or upset about because in the end it all means NOTHING . ;D

Yep I understand. I was just trying to say that at this time. so far from season start, a powerranking is totally useless. All it does is give someone (who likes hearing themselves, or has to bring something up for a paycheeue) a vehicle for discussion because, itz purely one person’s perspective and is full of bull-feathers. But yes as we get closer to season start and into season, the rankings will take better shape.

Here is a 3downnation power rankings, I agree with this one more!
Puts us 2nd in the East