Post Draft

Thought it would be nice to see how all felt about the results.

the swap of draft picks with the Stamps was fairly losing a 2nd rounder next year...I mean they moved up 3 spots in the draft...seems they got a bit taken...this year's 3rd round and next years 2nd for a second and a fifth...they basically traded away a 3rd round pick for a 5th...

Heenan - Not a shocker...hopefully he does not get called down south...
Hurl isa smart pickup, butlosing 2 rounds in the pick trade...idunno
Regimbaid - I do not know a pile about, but a new Canadian LB is good to see. Nice addition to teams
Ismael - what a pick for the 6th round...I was shocked he was still around....nice pickup!

Overall... good draft...wish Keenan Macdougal was a Rider though

I agree, I wish MacDougal was wearing green and white, but i don't know anything about the two LB's they picked up so I'm hoping for the best from them. Bamba at 39 was AWESOME glad they got him, but thinking they could've had MAcDougal, or Aprile at 12th that is a bit of a head scratcher IMHO. Also I want to add I'm not sure if Heenan is as happy (to be a Rider) as I would have expected.

But in his defence, when's the last time you've seen a 300+ pound man doing cartwheels? :lol:

What was the point of that trade?

They gave up next year's 2nd rounder to move up 3 spots in this year's 2nd round just to take someone expected to be a special teamer? Not only that but their next pick they took ANOTHER linebacker? LB isn't even a need on the chart, and even if it was, it's the EASIEST position to fill. Look what they did with Kyle Exume last year. Brought in specifically as a ST demon, came to camp in amazing shape, gave him 6 plays in the preseason in BC and cut him. Will Hurl get a better look than that?

Is Hurl really THAT much better than the 3 guys taken after him? Sam Hurl better make an impact or Taman just gave Calgary a nice pick for free.

But thank God at least the #1pick wasn't botched. I wouldn't have been surprised.

You have to assume the Riders really wanted Hurl? Badly. I was left wondering why as well we would trade 15th and next years 2nd round (anywhere from 9th - 16th) for this pick.

But, lots of teams were moving up to take guys they really liked (BC and W'peg). None of us know heaps about Sam Hurl. The green wanted him, got him and I hope he shows up as a really good teams player and makes the roster. From there he can learn the league and in the coming years hopefully plays a role on defense.

We are very skinny at Cdn LB so not surprised we picked up 2.

Bamba..........yes, surprised he was sitting around in the 6th so hopefully he adds depth.

Consider us adding Newman, a DB, as a draft choice! The nice thing is he just finished up with the Hilltops and signed in Riderville. There is another rookie Cdn player for TC.

Everyone (Chris Schultz) is screaming about the Riders needing receivers............I think us not chasing Aprile around shows some very good confidence in J. Sisco. He's a first rounder from years past and his time has come to step in and be a really good 5th/6th receiver for the team. You don't sit around Indy's camp unless you can play.

What picks do we have going into 2013.............I believe we have traded a few of these away? But that's Taman......he's not afraid to trade these away and I sure hope it does not bite us in the ass down the road.

6th - Fulton from Edmonton (conditional)
2nd - to Calgary in order to get Hurl

5th - from Odell Willis (Conditional)...remember.....lost 2 for 2012

Made a correction above...

I assume the conditions on the Fulton trade is that he is retained past a certain day/week, and I would suspect that if Heenan signs a contract with the Riders that Fulton will be a long shot.

Not sure what the conditions on the Willis deal are...both are likely linked together...could be if he plays the whole season, could be if he re-signs for 2014. If anyone has seen anything on the conditions of the pick the Riders gave the Bombers in the Willis deal I would love to know.

in the long run, the Riders are likely only out the 2nd round pick...which is still huge...but at least it is only 1. But if the conditional pick is say a 3rd rounder...ouch

[url=] ... illis.html[/url]

This link may help; it's all I could find on the Willis trade depop.

Yeah, I figured that much out...just don't know what the conditions are. It is likely either Willis playing the full season or him re-signing...I assume it would be on him re-signing, but even then I have never seem what pick would be traded if conditions are met.

I project Fulton as our starting LT. He has more experience at tackle than the rest of our OL (except Goodspeed).

Sisco will backup Getzlaf and Bamba will backup Bagg. But I don't see them getting much playing time unless they are needed for ratio issues. We have better receivers for the #5 and #6 positions.

Receiver Rankings:
1 - 7 Dressler, Weston SB Import 5.07 179 1985-06-14 North Dakota
2 - 89 Getzlaf, Chris SB Non-Import 6.01 208 1983-01-09 Regina
3 - 6 Bagg, Rob WR Non-Import 6.00 190 1985-02-03 Queen's
4 - 83 Harper, Justin WR Import 6.04 213 1985-02-24 Virginia Tech
5 - 80 Hill, Efrem WR Import 6.01 185 1983-07-23 Samford
6 - 83 Moss, Sinorice WR Import 5.08 185 1983-12-28 Miami
7 - 88 Smith, Taj WR Import 6.01 198 1983-09-30 Syracuse
8 - 86 Baker, Dallas WR Import 6.03 210 1982-11-10 Florida
9 - 81 Chery, Jason WR Import 5.11 188 1985-05-31 Louisiana-Lafayette
10 - 12 Sisco, Jordan WR Non-Import 6.00 212 1988-02-24 Regina
11 - 0 Bamba, Ismael WR Non-Import 6.01 195 1987-11-10 Sherbrooke
12 - 87 Brown, Patrick WR Import 6.01 178 1988-05-26 Bethune Cookman
13 - 18 McHenry, Scott SB Non-Import 6.02 217 1987-05-25 Saskatchewan
14 - 71 Solomon, Kolten WR Non-Import 5.11 190 1989-07-16 Regina Thunder (Jr.)