Post Combine Prospect Evaluation

So post combine, who are you interested in?

We pick at 8 and could end up with one of the defensive end, linebacker or defensive back prospects.

I think a a guy like Fry could fall to the second round.

They're alot of speedy, smaller type recievers that could make it to the third.

The Cats need to stockpile a couple more young O-Linemen with the draft. So I like what I see from OL Rodeem Brown. He might be a touch undersized but he rarely loses one-on-one battles or misses blocks. Sounds like he has some freakish athletic ability and a very high level of compete, which is an intangible that can't be taught.

Tyrell Ford would be an awesome addition to our defensive backfield. We already have stellar Nationals back there with Adeleke and Kats. Add another one and you could do wonders with the ratio.


Tyrell Ford would be a great addition. He can play Cornerback, safety, maybe even defensive halfback.


Enoch Penney - Laryea LB McMaster is 2nd in the bench with 27 reps . He's third in the vertical at 39.5 . He's 5th in the forty with 4.58 . Enoch was
2nd in the broad jump ( 10' 7") .
His bench is better than most of the linemen . His speed is receiver like . He could be the first special teamer off the board .

Pat Lynch (the old Mac guy)


I wouldn't mind either of the McMaster linebackers after the second round. They're 3 and 4 on my board, with Richards and Varga being 1 and 2.

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Bench reps for the OLine to me , indicate desire to be better and stronger . Going into the combine the top 2 OLinemen were Noah Zerr Sask and Zack Fry Western . Zerr had 18 reps while Fry had 9 .

There were OL guys who brought it at the combine : Cyrille Hogan- Saindon Laval 26 reps , Gregor Mackellar SFX 24 reps .

There were some DLinemen who impressed : Joshua Archibald McGill
22 reps , Nathan Cherry Sask 26 reps , Riley Pickett Sask 26 reps.

Standouts at other positions were : Vincent Forbes- Mombleau WR Laval 22 reps , Tre Ford QB Waterloo 17 reps , Daniel Adeboboye RB Bryant U . 28 reps * tops at the combine .

In hockey these guys would be the rink rats . The guys that are willing to put in all the hard work to become better .

Pat Lynch (the old dude getting better)


Some guys put up very good sets of testing #s; as opposed to being good in just one area (like bench press strength, which is perhaps way over-rated at times ?)

The 3 top RBs - Machart, Adeboboye & Tucker - very solid #s, to back-up their excellent on-field production. Hopefully, they go to CFL teams that will give them real shots to compete in TC for playing time - some work on offence or maybe for a starting job when there is an opening.

The time and effort is never over-rated .

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No shortage of critics and skeptics about the actual worth of combine scores and how, if it all, they translate to onfield effectiveness.
But for the CFL the combines are probably useful for media exposure, perhaps.

No; no wasted at all - shows some dedication to one aspect of training; just mostly not near the worth of developing and having actual, serious football skills. CFL "scouts" could probably find some gym rats / weight lifters who can put up 30 some bench press reps, but if they don't know a football from a frisbee they are useless to a football team. OTOH - guys who have demonstrated they are superb football talents at the levels before the pros - these are the players who CFL teams should be most interested in; and hopefully they back that up with some good Combine type testing #s; if some scouts want to blindly put faith in weight lifting #s as their big scouting tool and write some players off who don't put up big bench #s - have at 'er.


Current trend among NFL players is to skip the benchpress at combine. If player lacks dedication and desire its been revealed long before then.

The only point I was trying to make was that the bench numbers indicate a work ethic and a willingness to improve . That's it . Seeing a QB with 17 reps tells me a lot about the young man . Spin the rest whatever way you want.


Having reached this level of football work ethic etc has already been established. Bench press number might be an ego, personal satisfaction thing also. hence why some people think its over rated.

I'm with Pat on this one.

190 lb Adam Machart doing 23 reps shows some considerable level of desire and a history of hard work. Daniel Adeboboye did even better.

These are the players that are the future of the CFL imo and need to be given the chance.

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A smaller bench press number shows is not indicative of less dedication and work ethic. Theres no consensus if high bench strength translates to anything on field.

Not saying that it is but a larger bench press number assures it.

It could also just be a sign the guy likes doing that and put an emphasis on that for his training.

It's mostly about using the same benchmarks to evaluate players physically. While high numbers of reps might be desirable in a DT, it's not so necessary in an OL, since the majority of the power comes from the lower body.
The vertical jump tests out explosive power, the 40 is for pure acceleration and velocity, and the 4-cone is for agility and quickness. All of which are used to gauge an athlete's overall physical prowess AS COMPARED TO HIS PEERS.

Yes, there are those who excel at one (or even two) disciplines - you wouldn't expect many reps from someone like Banks, but he would absolutely KILL the 40 and 4-cone. These are all Objective measurements - the subjective ones are the one-on-ones, the interviews, and their game film.


“I played against Americans so in a way I kind of have that advantage over Canadians just because they say there’s American players and there’s Canadian players. Most of my football career I’ve played against Americans so I’m just a citizen of Canada which kinda helps out.”

That's a quote from Daniel Abeboboye RB Bryant University . He played in Div 2 with the likes of Merrimack , Long Island , Central Connecticut , Wagner , and St. Francis .
He seems to have a very high opinion of himself . I'm sure some of the boys from Sask , Laval , McMaster, and Montreal will straighten him out . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
You might understand that attitude if he played at Ohio St. , Alabama, or Georgia but Bryant ???

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


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