Post being Subterfuged

Has anyone else in here experienced having a post that they’ve submitted being removed or melded into another similar post? This has now happened to me on three seperate occasions.
The latest post I submitted regarding the success of the Rengades ninety-nine dollar (numbers disguised to prevent further subterfuging by someone) one day season ticket sale was submitted in the early hours of Sunday morning (around Two A.M.), and has since been replaced by a similar subsequentsimilar post.
This forum is starting to piss me off. :evil:

I feebly say, Go Rens Go!! :oops: [/u][/i]

Ya it is happening a lot. Porblem is people are starting new threads with old topics instead of replying to the old post.
One topic comes to mind CFL expansion

I haven’t merged anything except for the Instant Replay thread…not sure what other administrators are doing.