Possibly the Defensive play of the year for the Riders

It didn't seem like much. Last night with the score 38 - 31 for Toronto with about 2 min left. On second down Joseph completed a pass in the flat to Robertson. Robertson had about 4 yards in front of him for the 1st down. Scot Gordon came down and made a text book perfect solo tackle in the flat and stopped Robertson right were he touched the ball short of the first down by about 3 yards or so.

I saw the play developing and was thinking aww crap Robertson vs. Gordon and he only needs a few to get the first I figured forsure he would have the forward momentum to get the first. All the credit in the world to Gordon, saved time, forced the punt, a TD and bonehead coaching on the Argos part and Riders win. With out that play I think the game may have ended very differently.

Not bad that it took the second last defensive drive of the regular season for Scott Gordon to make a play…Him, Chunky and Morgan need to get the heck out of town next year.

On the flip side, congrats to Tad for stepping up his play. I will be the first to say I thought he was garbage but he has been great IMO the last couple weeks.

I'll agree on that score, Kornegay has been very impressive lately, and the added bonus is his versatility, as he can play and play well both at HB and out on the corner.

I guess that offsets Gordon’s lack of coverage on the Argo’s first TD. I agree with Speed_kills, Gordon has been terrible all year long, the only game this year where our safety made plays was when they had James Patrick back there against the Als I believe.

He’s always been mostly known for his big hits, but he’s had very few this year and he almost never gets through when they blitz him.

What's been wrong with Morgan? He plays against the boundary WR all the time, which is the team's best WR. He gets few stats because they don't throw his way alot.

Up until that play, I do not think Scott Gordon was having a good game. He made up for it there.

Poor Chris Getzlaf had a poor game causing a couple of penalties...

I don't understand why people slag Morgan, The guy shuts people down.
To list our db's I would put Frazier up top then Morgan, Davis, Kornegay, Johnson, Patrick, Heard, Gordon.
Frazier is awesome.

Up until that play, I didn't think Scott was having a good season....

I would disagree about putting Davis where you have him. I think father time has started to finally catch up to him. There were times this year where he really didn't look good, but I have to admit QBs still don't like throwing his way, and this year this group was probably the best in the CFL. Gordon is definitly the weak link and hasn't had a good season by any means. I was just commenting on the one impressive play that he did have against the Argos and that play probably saved the game.

Yes I have to agree with you. I think he is probably the weakest link on the 'rider defence.

Next year, I can see at least 3 changes on the defence starting lineup... Marcus Adams will be gone (Leisle has an impressive resume), Scott Schultz seemed invisible on the line this year (if that is possible for a big fat guy like him), so I see him being replaced (perhaps Shologan and he will platoon) and of course Scott Gordon. I think he is better than either of the Clovis brothers but next year Leron Mitchell will push him for the job or even rookie Jeff Zelinski if he is back in camp next year.

Our starting Canadians on the defence are the weak links... that must frustrate Richie Hall?

I don't think Shultz will go anywhere, unless Shologan really impresses or we find another starting canadian back there.

Yeah, the 'riders will probably have to stick it out with him next year too... Shologan only has to get two maybe three sacks and about 18+ tackles in a season to out play Schultz. I think that is possible. Schultz only sacks a quarterback when someone on the o'line totally blows his blocking assignment and only then.

Although I realize that bulk is somewhat necessary when playing on the line but I do have trouble getting it into my coconut how a guy with a belly about the size of 9 month pregnant woman can call oneself an athlete... Gotta love those love handles on Jocelyn Frenette. Granted, he does not mess up his long snaps... but really, he being an athlete? :roll:

Don't be stupid just because a guy is big doesn't mean that he isn't an athlete. Your basically saying that every single offensive line man and the majority of defensive tackles are not athletes in this league or any football league. I would dare you to go up to Patrick Kabongo and tell him face to face that he isn't an athlete. Something tells me putting in a guy who is 6"3 and 220lbs is going to be as effective on the line as guys who are 6"5 280ish.