Possible XFL style video replay coming?


Unlike the current setup for the CFL and NFL where broadcasts generally go to commercial breaks, in the XFL you can hear the conversation between the official on the field and the video replay official.

In Presson’s mind, giving the viewers the chance to hear the conversation brings a breath of honesty to video review.

“You can hear the referee say ‘this is what I’m looking for’ and the fans that are watching at home can feel that transparency and honesty. Frankly, I think we lack some of that in our league right now.”

The good news for fans? There does appear to be some interest in making this change happen.

“I’ve been proposing that. We’re trying to figure how to make that happen. It does have legs. It’s just logistically, how do we do that for the 2020 season?”

The XFL has no coaches challenges, though, right?

Instead the refs decide themselves if they want to take another view at a play.

So if the CFL adopts XFL style replay hopefully it includes no coaches challenges, which always infuriated me. Screamed poor sportsmanship to me.

Most of the time, anyway...

"if we overturn this, we'll be in trouble with Rider fans on social media".

Can't wait to hear it.


"Okay boys kinda pointless to hate the Riders and maintain the conspiracy against them because we're jealous of their success without screwing them over so it's an incomplete pass, agreed ?, good.

I agree with all the posts - when I first saw an XFL game, I thought this is something that adds to the viewer experience, providing a look at a process that, so far, has been "behind closed doors". The coverage not only gives the fans insight, but I would have to believe, builds a layer of accountability into the decision-making process. And it does not slow the game down.


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