Possible Trade

BC LIONS just go their middle linebacker Elimimian back from the NFL .

This means that most likely Bighill could be available for the right price and likley a reduced price as they now have 2 middle linebackers that can play .

We could bring on Bighill and possibly trade Rey Williams to another team for DLINE or DB help or keep both and go with a 3 -4 defence

Elimimian and Bighill are both beasts

Stubler has a long history of running a 3/4 defence. He hasn't been doing so this season, they've been in a 4/3 so far. With Elimimian back, they may choose to keep both him and Bighill and go back to Stubler's preferred 3/4 scheme.

On the other hand, running the 4/3 they've got the top defence in the league in most categories.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If they were going to make a move, my guess is that they'd probably move Bighill.

BC is not going to trade the second leading tackler in the entire league. And before anyone says it; this is not Cory Boyd & this ain't the Argos!