Possible Trade Scenario

Having built up some depth in Canadian receivers over the last while, would it be prudent to ship Chris Bauman to Saskatchewan for one of the Riders two first round picks in order to draft Rob Maver, the outstanding punter from Guelph?

Spec story today says Cats interviewed Maver at the weekend E-Camp so they are interested, but he likely won't last until the 12th pick overall which is Hamilton's first selection.

Bauman has Regina ties so he may be attractive to the Riders as a possible replacement for Jason Clermont, who is near the end of his string in the CFL.

It would be a trade of potential (Bauman) for need (Maver is top punter available) so I'd consider the move. However, if Maver is determined to try the NFL, that would change everything because we need a punter NOW.

Other possibility is to trade the rights to Sam Giguere to move up in order to draft Maver. That would be less risky, but harder to sell to a trading partner.

Not a great match IMO.
They already have Prechae as that tall receiver.
At Non-Import they have Clermont who is still only 30 years old.
Fantuz, Getzlaf, and Bagg.
They of all teams in the CFL do not have a need for Bauman.
I can see the Cats trading him at the draft for a pick, but I do not see the need for Sask.

We dont need to trade up to draft a punter, he'll be available and besides we dont need him, we can easily bring in an american punter.

If we trade up I'd rather it be for a football player

Who in their right mind is going to trade a first rounder for Bauman?

I could sending an OLineman or Canadian LB to Riders for 1st but not much else.

Maybe Geoff Tisdale is on the trading block. Obie keeps aquiring DB's, and apparently Tisdale has refused to sign past this year, having an eye on the NFL.

Tisdale had the opportunity to go this year and never went.

Wouldn't bringing in an American punter really screw up the ratio? I thought that the kicking position was almost 100% Canadian, or at least it is if you have both a kicker and a punter, as opposed to one who did both (like Setta)?

8) Why would we bring in an American punter ?? That is something we don't need at all now. Would be just a waste of another import spot !!!

See above post. The Cats will be going with a Canadian punter this year also. The only question at this point is, Who ???

Are you aware they'll be passing a 4 non import rule this year? You think they'll waste their time with a canuk punter just so we could start only 3 canadians?

They may or may not. It has been floated as an idea. The Commissioner was grilled on it last fall during Grey Cup by Brian Williams. Williams told him he had received all kinds of emails etc from fans dead set against this idea, said it was a loser of an idea and challenged him to declare on TV that the CFL will not do this. Cohon would not rise to the bait, but certainly soft-pedalled it.

So we'll see. I for one am against any reduction in the content rule.

Whether they go to 4 Canadians or not, why wouldn't a team use a Canadian at the punter position for exactly the reason you said, then they can start an American at a more important position? Makes sense to me, because, let's face it, I don't know anyone who'd rather have an American punter over an American DB, RB, D-line, etc.

Off topic a little, I really hope they don't change the import ratio.

The Riders wouldn't even trade us one of those picks for Bauman much less both especially this being a strong draft year. We'd have to give up a lot to move up to one of those spots even.

Bauman and Porter to Sask for a third string no name receiver, :roll: ....Obie your the greatest.

I sense someone's still crying about Prechae?

I know, Obie has done great things and all this poster can do is slag him, Prechae is not even good enough to start for this team with Bruce, Mann and McDaniel all ahead of him on the depth chart.

Thinks Bevrage could get a first round pick?

I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. . . personally, were I running a team in the CFL, I'd never trade a first round pick for anything less than a starter. . .my guess is that no team would be likely to part with a first round pick for Beveridge unless they were really weak and desperate at the safety position. Second round pick, now you're talking.

We don’t even know if the Ticats are going to pickup Bauman’s option for the coming season and no team is going to trade a 1st round pick in a great draft for a guy who hasn’t managed to establish himself YET and has ONE year left on his contract.