Possible trade for Armstrong

....radio station in Van. (team 1040) is reporting that the Bombers are offering Armstrong for ni kicker Sean Whyte.....43 yd. punting average and 3 for 3 in field-goal attempts in pre-season........Wally 'could' go for it...but not likely....If he comes back with a McCallum offer?????...i don't think there'll be a deal there....Nothing substantiated yet... :roll:

He offered Cory Rogers for Armstrong and a draft pick. Murphy said no (so far). Wally not even interested in Armstrong but in the pick... The way Mcallum kicked last week, I would be shocked if Murphy could pry SW out of BC.

...Corey Rogers who had a ruptured achilles.....have to think that one over real well....I prefer to stay away from guys with that type injury....probably why Murphy is hesitant... :wink:

Hence, Murphy saying NO... Looks like Buono went fishing...

....Wally will have to put a little more bait on the line...I agree about Whyte staying put....McCallum was looking for someone in the stands, who might chuck manure at him...took his eye off the ball....and just plain stunk it out.. :wink:

Armstrong & Serna to BC for SW.........

I almost pissed myself laughing, good one :thup:

Kelly will cut Armstrong in the next few days. He will get zilch for him in a trade.

I think he might give himself a week. For sure before game 3 they'll take a box of balls for him or cut him outright

Serna??? Yah right! I'll be kicking for BC before Serna.

There was a report that was exactly as Papa posted at the top of this thread. Now that it has been turned down, rumour has it Wally will wait until Armstring is cut.

After the way our receivers dropped balls against the Riders, a little competition is due!

Corey Rodgers will get cut before Armstrong will. Vancouver paper said Rodgers will be gone before the Hamilton game b/c there's no room for him on the roster.

....so i guess we could pick him up for zilch...ya see hfxtc...the axe swings both ways....I'd like to give Rodgers a whirl at kick returns to see how his leg holds up..... other info... The deal fell through for Rodgers because the Bombers are unwilling to include a draft choice...good move... :wink:

...rumour also has it there's another club in play ,wanting to deal for Armstrong....we shall see :wink:

Derrick Armstrong released. No trade anymore.

Wrong agggain :wink:

...OBVIOUSLY HE COULDN'T BE DEALT...i wouldn't bet on him resurfacing somewhere else...he might just retire...then again a team in need of a good receiver just might want to take him on...Lets see...Joe Smith ...released...no home as yet...Hall released....no home as yet...Haywood released....no home as yet.. Dinwiddie released....no home as yet....Armstrong released....??????? Who knows.... :roll:

yup got released suprised no trade, Bombers in very bad shape now!

,,,,why is that??????Armstrong hasn't played a down for us yet in 09....and we aren't looking too bad....We sure like Bowman by the way...this guy can make you forget about Army in a hurry...such is football....It was nice of the Riders to deal Adarius to us....thanx... :wink: :lol:

I do believe we will be getting someone to fill the WR spot and PR/KR also.


Well for one Armstong was a game breaker which Bombers don't have anymore, Bowman is a good reciever but not as good, big mistake letting Armstrong go along with Smith, QB situation is somewhat shakey also, sorry to say but Kelley has made some very bad moves early in the season which i think will count to many losses, I dont think that new running back they are raving about is going to be any saviour either, I read some post here not to judge him on his first game as he did do nothing, meanwhile Kellly judged him on 2 pre season games, Smith has a few seasons under his belt with great numbers and he gets the boot, just does not make sense to me.

lol, bomber fans are howls. When they have a player he's the best the world has ever seen. The second that player leaves, it was a great decision to remove him, even if it was for nothing or practically nothing. Love how it changes around. For example, Kevin Glenn. When he was playing for you, you were raving about how great he was. The second he leaves, he was pure garbage and thankful that Kelly canned him. Goodspeed. Greastest OL on the planet until he's traded, and then laughing at us for trading a 9th overall for him because he's "garbage". Joe Smith, key to the Bombers running attack until Kelly cans him. Then it's "thanks Kelly! He was getting old and crap." Derick Armstrong. Better than most of the CFL receivers combined, 3 1000 yard seasons. Soon as he goes: "oh my god! thank you Kelly he was such a dirt bag for defending his job! He wasn't that good of a player anyways!ILY Kelly! Wanna go out sometime?"