Possible Stadium in Regina Renditions

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/Photo+gallery+What+Regina+retractable+roof+dome+might+look+like/2193966/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/Photo+gallery ... story.html[/url]

I like it. Not sure if I want it but I definitely like it.

...what's not to want?...that looks cool, and an excellent location too...

Nice pictures. I see they are sticking with a $350 million estimate on the project. Have they said anything about how the construction is going to be funded? You know there are a lot of cities who will be keeping an eye on how much the feds agree to give on the project.

Niiiiice!! :thup: :thup: But does this fit with the rural prairie "in the sticks" theme out there? :wink:

Just kidding guys, whatever works is good by me. :thup:

very nice looking.


Looks expensive... :lol:

But it's not Ma ...

... well, if it's not expensive, why didn't you get me a bigger stadium!?!?!?

Other than the vaguely classical Greek stylings, I think it's kind of ugly and lacking character. But, who cares what I think! The main thing is that they build it! It would be a GREAT stadium for Regina! They deserve it! :rockin:

Nice...but it's not going to happen. Too expensive. They could do it with a new beer tax....could have it paid off in about a month.

I like it…looks good.

Looks like a european hockey arena!

Will the roof be retractable? This building does not appear to be as high as the other domed stadiums in Canada!

That's probably because unlike the other domed stadiums in Canada, this one will be built with the CFL on mind first and foremost.

It will not be a 60,000 seat monstrosity built for the MLB or Olympics.

I think it looks good

Beautiful! now if they can just build it in Saskatoon... lol j/k

Saskatchewan, if that gets build, welcome to the 21st century! It's make Green Bay jealous! or is that Milwaukee? w/e.

kudos to the designers! :rockin: now make it happen!

Nice looking stadium but I question whether such a facility could be built for only $350 million.

I'm still 100% against the roof. Football is supposed to be played outside in all weather. It's bad enough that the Eskimos are currently the only team that play on proper grass.

just think on one end you can put big fans so you can turn them on in your favor...lol

Most fans here in Saskatchewan would agree with you, but the proposed stadium has a retractable roof so for most of the year it will be outdoors essentially.

I assure you, you will get sick of having 8 out of 10 games in Regina with crazy winds and cold..

they'll love having a dome! especially the next time they hold a Grey Cup!

they'll love being able to go and not have to wear 3 layers and the fans will be able to actually take their coats off!

I assure you that a Dome is what is needed.