Possible Return of Carleton Ravens Football in 2012

This could be good news

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Whats so sad and angering is that this whole effort to bring back the football program at the school is being done without ANY significant contributions from the school or the athletic department. :x :x For shame!!

I don't know about Carleton, but at Queen's, budgets have been pretty tight lately. If Queen's didn't already have a football program, I'm certain they'd be very reluctant to provide funding to start one up at this point in time. Part of Queen's' problem, though, is that they recently spent millions on a new Athletics and Recreation Centre, but my impression is that there are other factors that are affecting all Ontario universities. If it is indeed a province-wide problem, then I'm not surprised that Carleton wouldn't be contributing financially.

If only varsity sports were a bit more of a money maker in Canada beyond the generosity of alumni....

The CFL might have to Invest some money in at some point. This isn't the states where there are so many people that everything cam stand on it's own. I'm thinking if the CFL makes some big cash in the next years, Do a one time investment and then again do the same thing In a few years. What i would really like to see is the university ball really
be brought in on the next tv deal. Tsn sux other then football anyways. And the score onl shows east games. And the production quality is embarassing

There's more information on the Carleton website here,


They need 5 million to start up the program, 1 million a year for 5 years. They've raised 4.2 million already. It could be happening soon.

Its the classic chicken and egg theory. In order for the sports to become better money makers, there needs to be an initial investment to get the programs going. The current facilities for most CIS programs are embarrassing to say the least. This says nothing about programs looking to start new ones who must start from scratch (in most cases all alone as is the case with Carleton football). Funding should be available to at least start programs/proper facilities. After that, the teams should at least have a fighting chance to become self- sufficient.

Taken from their November Powerpoint:

Fall 2010/winter 2011Secure $1 million/year pledge commitments for first 5 years
Fall 2010/winter 2011Finalize agreement
Spring 2011 Hire Head Coach
May 2011 OUA—submit intent to enter
2011-2012First recruiting year/possible exhibition season
September 2012 Enter in OUA League

[url=http://www2.carleton.ca/football/ccms/wp-content/ccms-files/Carleton-Ravens-Football-Jan28.pdf]http://www2.carleton.ca/football/ccms/w ... -Jan28.pdf[/url]

In any case, we should know by this May. I hope they get it, since it would be a pretty good lead in to the Ottawa CFL team in 2013. It's time to bring back that heavy football presence to the nation's capital!