possible return for public enemy #1?

he says he's not done on canoe site. only folk and hardy retiring. knowing his desire to not leave the area and him still wanting to play,bobert can prolly expect a call from his agent. what are your thoughts hamilton fans? public enemy #1 back on your side.

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He's old and slow and if we signed him for any reason, I would lose whatever faith I may have in O'Billovich.

he says he's not done. Well D-nile aint just a river in Egypt folks.....some people just don't know when to quit. He's been done for a few years now.


Umm.. no one ever mentioned who we are talking about. OShea?

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the title, I thought the reference was to polio or smallpox

Same diff

this is an easy answer: No.
he's lost a step or two, he misses tackles (he tries too many high arm tackles) and isn't as agile. speed was never his game.
why would we sign o'shea after releasing botterill, who can still play?
no, and no and no.

His days are gone, too many younger guys now with speed. Thanks Mike for the memories, and going to the blue team. :x

Too old, too slow. We need a young stud at MLB, not a washed-up traitor.

This guy wants us to sign him one more time so he can have the last laugh on us... SOB :thdn:

He might make a good linebacker coach, but his playing days are definitely done.

O'Shea wants to play

Not ready to retire just yet


SUN MEDIA Feb. 28, 2009

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/sports/football/2009/02/28/8565251-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/sports/footba ... 1-sun.html[/url]
He does not want to move his family, but ruled out playing in Hamilton,

where he thinks Ray Mariusz is the No. 1 man at his position.

Well we new this would not take long for this topic to come up Public enemy number one ?
i could list a hole wack of good players that the TIGERCATS let go or left our team
I think the name of the game so far this year is big and young players are the key..
Why sign an old man thats ready for his last couple years when you got all this young talent being hunted down. Speed kills and Mike 50# is not in that group no more .

so you can tell what my answer is NO NO NO NO NO NO ..

So if mike is public enemy number 1# where does zeke or jesse end up on the list . ?

Zeke (traded) and Jesse (signed with a different team because we didn't want him) don't fit on the public enemy list.

Benedict was given a release (at the time) to try out with the Detroit Lions. He promised to return should it not work out...which EVERYONE EXCEPT HIM knew would be the case. He was on his way back here when he missed the Highway 6 South cut-off and headed for Argoland.

He was traded back here and at his FIRST opportunity he bolted back to the team from t-dot.

Not only is he done as a player....he's no scout either. In today's Spec he says Ray Mariuz should be our MLB. Ya see...he's STILL trying to screw us.

LMAO!! That is hilarious.

I think Mike needs to realize his time is long past.

The only shot he has with catching on with a team is if there was expansion, which of course isn't likely to happen until 2010 at the absolute earliest. With the AFL gone, and no doubt the coming influx of players as a result, he's screwed.

Hamilton doesn't owe O'Shea anything.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Obie confirmed already that he has no interest in signing Mike O'shea. He states that he is too old and may not have anything left in the tank anymore although he's had a great career.

He was done 3 years ago. Signing him now would be a huge step backwards. Besides, he’ll probably be looking for big $$ which could be better spent elsewhere.

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