Possible reason for Saturday playoff dates?

Perhaps the CFL was anticipating a Wiggles performance would be booked at the Skydome for this Sunday or next. Given the early season likelyhood that the Argos would host a game on one of these two Sundays you can see the logic here.

Or gate driven league. Makes travel easier for people to get to games.

CTV owns TSN.... CTV realized from what happened last year that their NFL ratings got destoyed by CFL playoff games...hence they schedule them opposite...
Another point to consuder.... say that last year you were an NFL fan who lived in Wpg who had a passing interest in the Bombers.
During NFL comercial breaks would you not turn the channel to atleast check the score?????
If people do not watch the commercials then TV does not exsit!!!!!!!


They may have put the game on Saturday because there is alot of Rememberance day parades on Sunday. The CFL is a huge supporter of the troops.


This decision was not the CFL's...it was CTV's
As for being a gate driven league..... without the almost 2 million per team of TV money.....do you think any teams (even the frickin Riders) would be anywhere close to profitable.

Lets see average 20,000, 20 dollars for average ticket thats 400,000 per home game. 3.6 mil fo rall your home games. Lower salary cap. Yep I'd say so.

Where the hell you live where you can get 20 dollar tix
My mom got me to Lions tickets for my birthday for 140 dollars....The tix were in the nosebleeds

If the Saturday dates were so great, why didn't Mark Cohon tell us why he decided to change the games to Saturday, when they;ve been hugely popular on Sundays?
LIke why risk success on Sundays, by going to Saturdays?
And also, Cohon should also explain to us how playing on Saturedays head to head agains the CIS playoffs is good for the CIS?
Bottom line is TSN/CTV forced the CFL to go to Saturdays.
CTV doesnt give an RA about cAnadian football. Pro or university.
All they care about is protecting the NFL
The CFL playoffs should have been at 3PM and 7PM Sunday.
That way you take advantage of prime time.
Instead they're playing Saturdays in the early afternoon.
Dumb dumb dumb.
And I will watch the playoffs and Grey cup on standard definition TV, because I ain't paying rogers extra to get TSNHD.
While I also pay to get regualar TSN? Meanwhile I could watch poker on HD on Sportsnet?
This TSN deal is turning out to be a disaster for the CFL in more ways then one.

Why does Cohen have to justify himself to you? He doesn't.

You are one stuck record. For the thousandth time, TV drives the timing of games and events for just about any league that has a serious deal. Why would it be any different for the CFL? I can see that, besides the inevitable expansion threads in the off-season, you are going to keep on about the terrible CFL deal with TSN and the terrible NFL. Rats ...

Even the mighty NFL bends to the wishes of the networks. They created Monday NIght Football to get a game on a network during primetime.

And now, Sunday Night Football on NBC got the NFL to have “flexible scheduling” for the last half of the season so an afternoon game can get rescheduled to primetime so NBC will have a game with decent teams.

American football fans like College ball on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays.

I know a lot of Canadian football fans who like Friday and Saturday CFL games and Sunday NFL games.