Possible QBs for the Cats

Evans has a few liabilities:

  1. He locks onto his primary receiver and usually throws the ball to him even if he is totally covered. We saw this in the Calgary game with the interception.

  2. He lacks "touch". His throws are usually laser beams when he really could use some arc to get the balls over defenders.

  3. Passes while rolling out are inaccurate. I believe up until last night he had some injury causing mobility issues.

He also has some assets:

  1. Works his ass off all week in preparation. Now it is both mental and physical.

  2. He is relatively young and has time to learn and improve before his physical skills diminish.

  3. He is completely open to self-improvement and coaching.

The big question is: Will he develop quickly enough to bring this team forward or will he revert to the panicky, inaccurate, forced throwing QB that we saw in the early season?
I would hope that with the much improved O-line that he will settle down and make his progressions in the reads.
If he is pressured heavily will he revert to early season form or has he learned to just get rid of the ball and not try for the near impossible play?

I have confidence in him that he will progress but he must be self aware of his earlier tendencies because going back will kill our chances of success - this year and next.


Good observations Smog - I agree with almost all of it.
Perhaps a trade is in the offing. Both D Evans & Fajardo are starting to smell like fish over-staying their visits.
Riders know that Fajardo under-performed with the talent provided him (especially WRs & RBs, o-line a bit sub-par) and repeating the same drudge next season might impact fan interest.
Evans might thrive in a new, fresh environment and with heightened fan interest. However, your point about Evans tossing low-flying darts on a big field where most QBs (even Beth Thompson) use high balloon tosses to accomplish results.
Hamilton might want a mid-round draft pick to trigger such a trade, as Evans is younger than Fajardo.

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Great assessment Smoggie . Totally bang on . :+1:

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@smogmonster A very complete and thorough assessment of Evans. You really should be writing about the CFL professionally instead these no-knowledge jack-hammers out there.


Can't use old line as an excuse for fumbles the balls and throw too many interceptions. Saskatchewan offensive line is not that good. Fajardo got sacked 61 times, the highest in the CFL and yet he hasn't thrown that many interceptions like Evans did.

I don't expect Dane to go anywhere next year regardless of how this season plays out.

Many options are possible.
He plays well and keeps his starting role for next year and the salary that goes with it.
The wheels fall off and he gets delegated to a back up role and is asked to restructure his contract with plenty of incentives.

There is a lot to digest.
How often and how badly was he playing injured?
What are the other QB options for this team?
Develop our #2 and #3 QB's?

I can see BLM going to the Riders. I think Maas is gone at least... probably more.
That team needs to change a lot of things and just like we saw here early on the big improvement must be the Rider's O-line.

Lots to determine.
How badly is Dane hurt?
Can Shiltz step it up and play a solid game or two?

Lastly, I don't see Fajardo coming here. He ain't all that.


But what aboot Masoli? No haunting there!

Any haunting by Masoli was taken care of by that dumbass Marino .


I'll now do my best impersonation of a Rider fan.

Marino? Well, what about Simoni, eh???


Yeah he is not going anywhere and so does the Ticats! They will be like Ottawa.

I think i start Shiltze and bring in Evans if he falters.

I think it will probably be the other way round.

Agreed evans is playing scared


The TSN panel implied in their post game comments that the Ticats will probably use both Evans and Shiltz in the playoffs. Shiltz in the occasional wildcat formation at the very least.

The pocket does seem to collapse quicker when Evans is back there. Not sure why.

My gut feeling is that Steinauer will stick with Evans in Montreal, unless he turns the ball over.

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I think you're right. I wouldn't but O will.

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The panel "suggested" that by Stein playing Evans late in the game (they were shocked he played) that it meant he would play 2 QBs next week.

Stein said all week both QBs would play so it's more of the same with TSN not doing any homework on the games they're covering (except Suitor and the Riders) and so those that actually followed the team this week wouldn't have been surprised to see Dane in the game.

We may see both QBs next week but I doubt anything that happened tonight impacted what the plan will be next week