Possible officiating changes for 2016

The league Rules Committee will meet for a couple days, prior to the National Combine, in Toronto next week to consider, among other things, possibly making Offensive Pass Interference, Unnecessary Roughness, and No Yards flags challengeable. And, also up for discussion is more use of video review:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-to-consider-expanding-use-of-video-review-1.446631]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-to-consider-expan ... w-1.446631[/url]

I like the idea of an additional ref in the control room to help on-field refs make the right call. It shouldn't delay the game any more as he would be participating in the on-field huddles refs sometimes have to make the call.

Whatever changes they make, be it for player safety, or getting the right call, I hope it does not affect the length of the game. We aren't watching baseball, after all.


There should be a 1 minute time limit from when the ref's start looking at the videos, if it is not obvious enough within that period of time then go with the inconclusive and the call on the field.

"They found they had 170 penalties that shouldn't have been called last year, or that they got wrong."

So do I :thup:

I agree we need to speed it up, but I think an extra 2 mins...after all...we are trying to "get it right". Then if still not decided then go with the call on the field. :thup:

I just wished they would stop playing with the rulebook for a couple years...

As long as they don't do stupid things like going to 4 downs, fair(y) catch, etc. (in other words keep it Canadian) I have no issues with tweaking the rules. Some tweaks will be successful, others not so much. Changing those bad ones the next year is okay with me.


170??? Jesus that is an incredibly high number of wrong calls.

For the love of god they need to go back to the old pass interference rules, by the end of the year the lines were once again blurred, and at this point blurred WAY more than before under the traditional PI rules.

I think being able to challenge OPI and no yards is fine, but unnecessary roughness is a subjective call all day long, even more so than PI, just feel that'd lead to more issues down the road.

I don't care if they add in more plays to challenge but just don't increase the number of challenges each team gets. Games are so slow as it is with all the penalties and auto booth reviews for turnovers/touchdowns.

The game wasn't broken IMO before I guess circa 2013, and even then it wasn't broken just going through a transition period, the league panicked and now the rulebook truly is broken and I doubt they will fix it in a timely manner, may take a decade.

I think you could go back any year and you would find the same thing. We've gone from too many non calls to too many... Allowing more challenges is not going to fix things. It just take officiating away from the officials and makes the HC the officials ! Its nuts.

Why, why would they want to slow the game down even more, increase complexity of officiating the game even more.

Its simple human nature that the more you let the HC become "officials" with challenges, the more the real officials will err making calls. The idiots solution is to make this even worse...

I too like the one minute time limit idea on video reviews. Especially when the game cuts to commercial on top of the review time. IMO the five yard infraction rule on punt returns is almost impossible to consistently call accurately not to mention the illegal block. If an illegal block or holding occurs so far away as to not effect the play, it could be enforced at the point the returner is downed, or if he scores, on the ensuing kickoff. Bringing back a huge return for a penalty that had no bearing on the play is a buzz killer!

Also prefer the NFL concept of pass defense. IMO the DB should be able to bump a potential receiver until the ball is thrown. Grabbing or holding is a penalty, a bump and run is not. The five yard rule has been a boon doogle. Let the receiver and DB jostle for position. It's not flag football.

Just looked at the article and I read that it was 150 incorrect calls but the point remains - still WAY too many, Be interesting to see how those incorrect calls were distributed among teams but OF COURSE they aren't going to release that kind of information!

I'm actually all for challenging UR calls. Look at the number of head-shots on our players that weren't called last year. This is completely for player safety.

They must get rid of that coaches challenge on a pass interference call or non call OMG It's a terrible rule.

It would also be interesting to know the reasons that these penalties shouldn't have been called. Was it that there actually was no infraction, or was it that there was an infraction but it wouldn't have made a difference in the play. I suspect the former. What the league now has to determine is why the officials made those bad calls. Was the official out of position? Was the official in the right position, but the angle of the play blocked his vision of the play? Or was it bad judgment by the official? I suspect that the extra official in the command centre should be able to help improve this. As long as it's quick, which it sounds like it should be.

"Over 150" calls that shouldn't have been over 81 games. So around two per game. Out of around 150 plays per game. It would be nice to have this down close to zero per game, but two per game doesn't actually sound that bad.

It's bad enough when the wrong call completely affects the outcome of a game. IIRC, that happened more than once last season...

Agreed. As I said, it would be good to see the number of bad calls brought as close to zero as possible. Humans being human, we'll never see zero, but there is definitely room for improvement. Hopefully the "eye in the sky" will help with that.

Absolutely!!! Probably affected the outcome of the Winnipeg - Calgary (I think) game (illegal formation call) and very possibly the Hamilton-Ottawa game in Hamilton - TWO penalties on ONE play that negated a TD and shouldn't have been called!!! :twisted:

Austin has been lobbying for them to add the ability to challenge OPI since they first allowed challenges on DPI. He also has pushed for greater use of technology to assist officials. Sounds like there will be little actual rule change aside from some tweaking to reduce penalties. All good IMO

Along with his thoughts on what the league should be doing, related to officiating, Gary Lawless lists here what changes are actually being considered. His list includes some things not previously mentioned in this thread.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/it-s-time-to-open-the-cfl-officiating-pool-1.450675]http://www.tsn.ca/it-s-time-to-open-the ... l-1.450675[/url]