Possible O.C's for the future?

Alot of you guys seem to know alot about the CFL and its coaches and such. Just pondering if there is anybody that would be a solid replacement for our OC. I have a hunch he will not be with us next season! Was Edmonton's O.C they let go horrible? Or perhaps was Rich just wanting his own preference in coaches!? Any ideas? Hopefully one falls on our lap like Marshall Heh!

Maybe Khari Jones.

I'd seriously look into that too, but first i'd look into more experienced coaches just coming off their current contracts. But that's only IF Obie feels that Gibson failed the Ticats.

Danny McManus, maybe?

One name Dave Dickenson may make a great OC

Nope Danny wants to say with Mangement side of football

Please not another coaching change :?

OC is not the problem...players not holding on to the ball is the problem.

Some one that has a creative mind and creative explosive play's that make defenders and coaches think while playing ! Instead of knowing what the play is before the snap ......

I nominate.............

Russ AKA Oskie Oui Oui

OC is a problem. Fumbles and INTs happen. They are a part of the game.

Running the ball a couple, getting stuffed and abandoning it for the rest of the half is absurd.

Defenses must laugh at us in film. All they need to do is focus on the run early, then if you stuff us, we go pass happy, the defense drops their LBs into coverage and our QBs are throwing into double or triple coverage.

The last few games we have run out of 1 formation, receivers spread, backs in I formation.

We need the hitch passes, the running back screen, quick slants, quick outs, and a trick play here or there to keep the defense second guessing us.

We have run the wildcat a couple times but to be successful with it, you have to run it more. I'd like to see the wildcat with Caulley and Cobb in the backfield with Porter as a receiver.

Did anyone see the Phins/Bills game on Sunday? The dolphins just kept running the wildcat. At the beginning of the game the bills kept it in check but after a while they were breaking runs for 10+ yards.

Our running game is non-existent. We ran Cobb in the first half of the game last week then abandoned it in the second half.

We need a new OC asap. I don't think you can judge our QB situation properly until you get a qualified man in charge.

Any budding OC candidates should send a resume with a cover letter to the Toronto Argonauts Football Club, 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON... I am pretty sure I saw a "Help Wanted" sign in the window on Saturday.

No CFL experience required.....................

Gibson is well respected. He could be a HC soon. People look at him that way. Our offensive woes are the players' fault, not Gibson's. Gibson doesn't throw int's, fumble or take dumb sacks. If Gibson is still here next year as OC
, we will be lucky.

Alan_Cooper is pretty much on the nose.

Our redzone effeciency has been laughable in 2009.

We seem to have no game plan coming out of the gates, and abandon the run sometimes after less than a quarter, or the very second our opponent gains a lead.

Our play selection on 2nd and long situations is predictable, ineffective, vanilla. reminicent of lancaster JR offenses, 2nd and 10, 40 yard throw across the hash marks to a receiver 2 yards downfield.

Our use of formations is bland, and a dead giveaway to our intentions.

I would be very surprised, and even a little disapointed if OB and Coach B decide to keep our OC in 2010.

The problem lies somewhere in between the OC and the players. The O Line has not been stallar and Porter has a tendancy to hold onto the ball too long. Some the wide outs have great difficulty getting separation from the DB's. I am not sure if most teams play us man on man or zone defence. In some cases like last Saturday the middle of the field was wide open for most of the second half. The spotters or the OC did not recognize this and did not react fast enough.

I can only hope these shortcomings will be corrected. If we the fans can see this - you can bet your bottom dollar Obie sees this. Lets hope the communication between coaches and players is enough to change what is pretty obvious to the ordinary fan.

The current OC does not add any trickery or deception - misdirection to any of our plays.

Before we try trickery or getting complicated we have to get the basics down pat. Right now even the simple plays are being made difficult due to Porter holding the ball wayyyyy too long, the OL collapsing, and the lack of ball control, both during and after the catch sometimes resulting in either incompletions or fumbles. We need to tighten up the small things and then we'll be a good team.

Matt Dunnigan!!! :rockin: Reason, -M D had his Career cut short while playing QB for the Tiger Cats , Who better to launch his coaching career with !! And who better to mentor Q.P, since DMack would rather be a scout!!

Really!? WHO was Edmonton’s old O.C They seemed to be fine when they had him, then when they let him go, they started to slip!
I liked Greg Marshall as our coach a few years back! I just think he had one HECK of a mess to deal with! Perhaps he could Try it out! I believe every team needs the coach that you KNOW your going to get S#!+ if you mess up on something that SHOULD be easy! The “enforcer” if you will!

As The OC that is! I Do like M.B as a coach!

Whoever you hire, it should be someone with CFL experience. You guys can't afford to waste time grooming an OC who'll take half a season or more just to figure out how to use the Canadian rules and wider field to his team's advantage.