Possible NFL lockout effect on CFL

A good piece by Dave Naylor,


The Bad
"Those CFL players who signed NFL deals during the off-season would be in limbo - not able to play in the NFL and not allowed to return under the terms of their existing CFL contracts. Which puts players such as Saskatchewan's Andy Fantuz and Winnipeg's Philip Hunt into a waiting game. "

"And then there are the college free agents. Every year, a handful of Canadian university players earn NFL contracts. There were a half-dozen of those last year, including Concordia's Corey Greenwood, who spent all of last season with the Kansas City Chiefs."

The Good

"But college free agents will be shut out until the NFL lockout ends. That would be bad news for players who want a shot at the NFL -- but good news for CFL teams which normally have to worry about losing some of their top picks to the NFL."

Sucks for McIntyre.

Funny thing is that CNN said President Obama stated he wouldn't get involved. I wonder why someone even asked him in the first place ?

(like the poor man doesn't have enough on his plate already) :roll:

If the lockout does happen,that would leave the CFL as the only Professional Football League.(Arena league doesn't count)
Alot of high caliber players from the States and Canada would take a good look at our league.
With only the Canadian game running, the NFL network would give us much more television exposure to the masses to the south.
A lockout in the NFL would benefit the CFL

Why? Because it's been done before.

And I'm thinking POTUS probably has few more pressing issues to decide.

"Trouble in Iraq. Trouble in Iran. Trouble in Egypt. Trouble in Lybia. Trouble in .... What's that? The NFL players are thinking of going on strike? WTF are they thinking? We can't have that, can we? Imagine the effect on the American People!"

[Later] "Now where was I? What's happened since I last looked?

"Oh crap."

I was just curious that if the NFL does end up in a lock out and the networks end up broadcasting more CFL games down south to fill the void....what does the CFL get out of this? (Other than more exposure).

To date, TSN has paid the CFL X amount of dollars for the CFL televising rights. But does that only consist of televising rights within Canada? If the NFL network picks up games to televise, do they pay the CFL or TSN remuneration?

(Pardon the ignorance)

I may be wrong, but I don't think any broadcast partner of the NFL will pick up CFL games. There is no formal agreement between the leagues at present, the sponsors are different, and it probably suits the NFL to have the CFL exist as a separate and rival league in order to avoid accusations that it is a monopoly or combine. With that in mind, I think the NFL would dissuade its broadcast partners from even thinking CFL.

However, this does provide an opportunity for rival broadcasters to fill the gap, and - yes - that should be extra revenue for the CFL. The complication will be TSN. Because TSN is owned in part by ESPN, and ESPN is a broadcast partner with MNF, ESPN might not want TSN to work both sides of the border with CFL content beyond the occasional game.

Just thinking out loud here, though.

The NFL network already shows CFL games...

Give your head a shake.

1.He's the leader of the country and on a social level pro sports is a highly significant part of american society.

  1. U.S. is barely recovering from a financial disaster.Its a multi billion dollar industry, employing 10's of thousands of people in almost every state.

3.Presidents directly and indirectly have involved themselves in labour disputes since organized labour began.

  1. Inform yourself before you post.

Why the concern ? Didn't you quit on the ticats and vowed to delete this site from your bookmarks ?

Yes, but I think a lockout changes the dynamic. Union members don't welcome scabs while they're on the picket line. Would a company welcome a rival business to take centre stage while it shuts down? It's an accepted danger that your rivals will continue, but do you actively promote them?

Okay, ignore what I wrote earlier. The CFL is too small to actually threaten the NFL, lockout or not.

No concern. Like I said...just curious. And yes...I admit that I was so pissed off with the Ticats that I did rant about giving up on them. But...it's my addiction. No matter how bad they screw up...I seem to keep coming back.

Now..what's your problem? Why the need to come across like some a-hole?

You publically disavow the team , get called out, then pretend like it was nothing and I'm the one with the problem ?

Good try.

Did you remember that offhand, or do you keep a meticulous dossier on everybody who posts to this forum? It tickles me to imagine it’s the latter…

How could anyone forget something like this from a "fan".


kinda bears mentioning , no ?

Hey Wallace,I'm willing to give you a Mulligan on that.
Just recite 10 hail Obie's and all will be forgiven.

How would CFL players be scabs :?

I didn't suggest that CFL players would be scabs. Rather, I think there's a loose parallel between a union opposed to scabs (since the scabs would be taking their jobs) and a company not promoting its business rivals during a lockout (since the business rivals could gain momentum and take their customers).

As noted in my last post, though, the CFL is hardly a threatening business rival to the NFL.

Wow, my friend. You have an excellent memory. Mine is supposed to be good but I bow and tip the hat to you. That comment - while EXTREMELY over the top - was back in November. Whew.