Possible new Toronto stadium?

So it appears that the new stadium in Hamilton will not host track and field as initially expected. The stadium will now host soccer instead. This is a good thing because Hamilton's new stadium will be a lot more intimate for Ti-Cats fans.

Because of that, Track and Field will be moved to Toronto. A stadium of 15 000 is required to host the track events.
Now according to this article (http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article ... ronto?bn=1) there is a possibility that a new stadium is built. The leading candidate is York University, but since no facility large enough is present, a new stadium would have to be built.

If this is the case I hope David Braley and the Argos are paying attention and catch on on this project.
They could plan it to expand to 25 000 seat.


Hamilton’s loss looks to be Toronto’s gain:

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/panamgames/article/841822--pan-am-track-and-field-moving-to-toronto?bn=1]http://www.thestar.com/sports/panamgame ... ronto?bn=1[/url]

Hamilton's loss will be to the mutual benefit of Hamilton and Toronto... the soccer / football stadium in Hamilton will be much more intimate than a track stadium and less clumsy than a convertible track / football stadium...

This gives an opportunity to the Argos to get out of Rogers Centre but Braley is on the record as being content with running teams out of oversized domes as he's done in Vancouver and Toronto.

My feeling is that the Argos would be making a mistake playing games way out in York University, where they'd be out of site and out of mind. They're better off downtown. If they could build a 30-35k seater at the U of T that would be ideal.

There’s no space at the downtown St. George campus and the university isn’t about to rip up the brand new varsity centre and world class athletics track to rebuild Varsity Stadium for the Argos.

Another article.
It looks like this thing will be a story in the following weeks/months.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2010/07/29/14867426.html]http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2 ... 67426.html[/url]

I love this. TFC putting grass at BMO is helping put another pro soccer team in southern Ontario LOL ! Love it.

Like I said, it would be ideal, not necessarily possible. Since it probably isn't, even though U of T owns lots of land in the area, the Argos should stay where they are.

The Argos owner doesn't want a 25,000 seat stadium. He said last week the needs a minimum 30,000 seats to make money, which can be expanded to 45,000-50,000 for Grey Cups.

I know money is no object in Ontario, but how many stadiums does they need? They just built the city-owned BMO in Toronto and are financing a new track and field stadium in Hamilton. Another stadium for the PA Games is also being built in Brantford, I believe. Now they want to build another 15,000 seat stadium? For the Pan-Am games??

The track and field people should have spoken up long before this if they have a problem with building a track stadium in Hamilton.

See I think that's a crock of you know what (the 30,000 to make money). The Als charge twice as much because the tickets are so much more in demand, and then use Olympic stadium when they need a bigger venue. It's not like Rogers center is going anywhere, they can still use it for playoff and Grey Cup games, and then create demand for their product during the regular season.

True, but 30,000 people tend to drink more beer than 25,000 do. I think that’s probably where they’re looking at the monetary impact, is with all of those “add-ons” that people purchase at the game.

I think this is an excellent development as people say, it certainly at the very least makes Braley start to think of other possibilities than playing all the games at the RC and as said, Hamilton doesn’t have to worry about a track. But it’s early yet still and anything can still happen. We’ll have to see.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The argos should not move out of downtown/skydome, unless they are moving to an expanded bmo field.

Noone will drive out to the boonies at York to see them.

And in the argos case, when you only have 20,000 paying fans, how do you justify putting them in a 25,000 seat stadium and charging them 2ice as much for a ticket?

I think, if the argos stayed at skydome and charged $20 for anywhere in the lower bowl, $15 for the 200 section and $10 for the 500 level, then launch a very strong marketing campaign for the argos and that price structure in Toronto, they'd fill the place every game within a year... And if you do the math, I think that would be enough to make the argos profitable.

Agreed, that's exactly what the Argos should be doing. Maybe put the cheap seats in an alcohol-free zone and sell them in 4s as 'family packs' or something like that.

In any case, more butts in seats = more snacks, drinks and merchandise sold.

I think the only reason why the Lions don't do something similar is they don't get the revenues from the concessions at BC Place.

While argo fans like to say argos tickets are a great value, that's only in comparison to the other Toronto sports teams, and they, like the argos, have set their ticket prices at a ridiculous rate.

Looking a supply & curve, where they intersect equals price....obviously this is a probl in Toronto, where no teams sellout games.

Theory says if you have more demand and play in a small stadium you can charge more money per ticket, yet the argos demand is far less than the 50,000 seats at skydome, and ticket prices are still as high as they would be had the demand been 70,000 people wanting tickets.

Lower ticket prices, pack the dome, sell more concessions and create a better atmosphere, which in turn creates more demand and prices can increase accordingly!

Absolutely ridiculous that the province of Ontario, already dealing with record deficits, would build yet another stadium in Toronto. Why won't MLSE or the city keep the turf at BMO until after the games, or re-install turf for the games when the time comes? It would be a fraction of the cost of building another stadium. Why can't SkyDome be used for soccer?
Why can't Hamilton get their act together and agree on a site for a stadium? The level of incompetence and stubbornness there managed to do the impossible. They actually managed to make Halifax look good in comparison. At least Halifax knew where they wanted to build their stadium while the funding was there.
You really have to wonder at the bidding process for the Pan Am Games. The organizers only seem to have a general idea of what they're going to do. Their presentation to win the games must basically have been stating that they have a huge budget to work with.
If I remember correctly, David Braley is on the Pan Am games committee. Maybe this whole exercise has been done in hopes of getting both the Argos and Ti-Cats new stadiums.

Actually David Braley had to resign his seat on the committee because of his appointment to the senate, which is probably why this has gone all sideways....

TFC fans are finding out this season why the dome was built in the first place. They've had a few cold and rainy games so far this season.

Agreed. They should build stands on the opposite side of the field (where the bleachers are now) and build up the rest of the stadium to seat 25-30,000. That would be a great site for the Argos, and you could still play late season, cold weather games in Skydome. York U is too far out of the way and does nothing to help the Argo brand.

U of T pulled out of the Argo's / CSA / MLSE / Varsity Stadium plan of 2004 and opted to build a world class track venue and athletics centre in a much smaller stadium.

This Varsity Centre was completed less than 5 years ago and I severely doubt the university is going to rip up their brand new athletics facility that serves their tuition paying students for the Toronto Argonauts.

It would have worked had it happened back in 2004 when the old Varsity Stadium had been demolished and the site was awaiting redevelopment. Now its too late.

Perhaps in 20 or 30 years when the site is looked upon for redevelopment again, if the Argos are still kicking, they could partner in rebuilding on the site with a trackless field and 25,000 seats.