Possible New O-Line Coach

Arash Madani has tweeted that Pat Meyer who worked with Trestman at North Carolina State will be the new Als O-line coach.

Fairly impressive resume:

[url=http://www.csurams.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/meyer_pat00.html]http://www.csurams.com/sports/m-footbl/ ... pat00.html[/url]

Wow ! Great fit. He has the experience to help with the running game and he's a good recruiter. He's still young and experienced. Encouraging and shows that Trestman is still commited :thup:

One down. Next up hopefully ST coach.

Interesting. Where does this leave Bischoff, I wonder?

Hopefully just coaching the running backs. It was mentioned that he was being considered for the O-line job.

Mike O`Shea is still in play, but I have read or heard that it is unlikely he will uproot his family from Southern Ontario. So he appears headed back to Toronto or possibly Hamilton.

I'd give the oline and running backs to Meyer and leave Bishoff in charge of the ST only. It is an important aspect and needs more attention judging by the difficulties of the last couple years.

Yes, I doubt that we'll see O'Shea on the Als' staff. To avoid a lateral transfer as a ST coordinator, they'd have to give him a "promotion" and make him "associate to the deputy of the assistant to the deputy associate of the assistant head coach" or some such. . .

Personally, I would rather they bring in someone else who has had some experience with the ST and leave Bishoff with the RB's.

Based on his credentials/resume, difficult to imagine that he will be our O-Line coach. I do hope so. Always good to have new talent coming to the CFL. In the past years, Marc Trestman has brought new and competent talent to the Als/CFL.

Like some of you, I doubt that Mike O'Shea will be coming to the Als; personnally, I don't think that it would be a great fit. Hoping that he stays in Toronto or goes to Hamilton.

Andy Bischoff could be the one. Another possibility is Jaime Elizondo, a former Als receiving coach and Argos Offensive-Coordinator in 2010 and 2011.


When a coach leaves Montreal he is very rarely invited back. Maciocia, Thorpe, Berry, Barker,Belefeuille,Jones...