Possible neutral NFL site

Where do you think it should be played.

I think Vancouver would be pretty neutral

do you mean in Canada specifically or in general?

there’s been talk of a neutral site preseason Seahawks game here on the coast for years but i don’t see it happening unless mr Doman wants to get involved in such an endeavour.

  1. Narendra Modi Stadium - India.
  2. Melbourne Cricket Ground - Australia
  3. Camp Nou - Spain
  4. FNB Stadium - South Africa
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I know they would not do it but I think Vancouver would be perfect.

Minneapolis - they wont need their stadium after the weekend, Green Bay, Cleveland, Nashville or St. Louis are possibilities.

NFL would never hold a playoff game here in Canada. Preseason possibly but not likely, unless they have been eating the wrong kind of mushrooms, or smoking some Island Blueberry......


Mosaic stadium possibly.???

It would be awesome to do a true neutral site, like Mexico City or Europe, tho my guess is they'll play in Arizona to hype the Super Bowl

lol do you guys even actually watch football?