Possible Joseph Return


Looks like Joseph wants to come back to Riderville. I think it would be a WAY better move then bringing in RD, KJ and Durant are good friends and KJ could work on mentoring our younger QB's. It might not even be a bad idea to bring in Todd Reesing and have KJ work with him as well.

KJ is still great, when the Argo's let him do his thing he was beast.When they tried to make him a pocket passer, he got owned bad.SSK know's what to do with him :smiley:

KJ,going from The Gong Show to The Price Is Right........hopefully.

Book him, and he can have Durant's old number #14.

Durant should take back his old number. :oops:

Joseph is #4. :smiley:

Oh, oh. The lockerroom distractions have already started and the guy ain’t even signed yet … should be a good show :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn't James Patrick #14?

I don't think the number on Joseph's jersey is an issue (if there is a shread of hope of him returning). I don't even think the number on his paycheque is an issue anymore either. I think the only number that matters is the 10 digits on the call display on his phone.

I hope it actually happens, Joseph would be a huge asset to Darian, Cole, Kent and hopefully Reesing. A MOP Vet, on the sidelines, and Crandell behind them all, to me sounds like a great mix of young, talented, with very capable, been there type vets. Our QB core would be un-poisioned with greats of the past, present and future all accounted for. With Dinwiddie it would be present, future and never was. Not with someone where collective groans and rolled eyes would prevail in Mosaic when Miller would be forced to use him. THIS is the right move.