Possible Jimenez suspension... Ouch...

Jimenez low hit gets him ejected. Ball and Caravatta speculate a possible one game suspension, but apparently no video footage.

So if he does get hit with the suspension, who takes over tackle? Kinda worries me... that and Smartie's buttery fingers.

Yay we won. Most of the Lions look like gay porno stars with those mustaches. So I heard.

He did already get tossed from this game , so that will be considered . Can’t really comment further as there seems to be no video of it.

I was at the game and didn't see it happen and I watched some of the game from PVR when I got home and didn't see it there. Higgins was furious (not surprising) but Murphy seemed to suggest it was a fair hit that just happened after the whistle (not surprising). Unless there is some record of Jimenez' actions on video, I don't see that the league can act any further on this.

It was in front of us. Both my son and I saw it. He went after the Calgary player Low, across the back of the legs. Hate to say it, but it was a dirty hit, and probably worthy of a fine or suspension.

From Wally's comments in the Province (http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/lions/story.html?id=e0e6e89b-7c50-4f54-8066-00c86a3b5449&k=7661) it sounds like a dirty but legal hit. Curious where this will go...

Kinda' see Wally's stance on this: "I'll show you what I want to show you,"

In other words, "My player is not guilty unless he gets caught." Even though I didn't see the play, and as much as I want the Lions to win, the Calgary player ended up with a leg broken in three places.

EDIT Excuse me. I mistakenly thought it was 3 places: "[T]he blow broke his fibula, tore some ligaments and tendons" Ian Busby fr. The Calgary Sun.

I think Jimenez should be made an example of. Brutal.

This actually happened to a team mate of mine. He "only" suffered torn ligaments to his ankle. Needless to say, no one saw it because it was away from the play. But this was in highschool. No one owned up to it. This was highschool, man.

Own up to it. You're a pro, but a human first.

I never seen it either, but if it was a cheap shot , you can bet it will be a good motivator for Calgary if they manage to get past Sask. Even though I don’t want any suspensions , if he did it , it would be best if he sat out…, or at least apologize for making a mistake.We don’t need to win that way.

They had said a decision would come down by Wednesday at the latest and the fact that a decision hasn't come down yet or made public yet... is that a good sign or a bad sign? Could the League be looking at this incident more closely?

Similar to the situation where a ref takes extra time studying a TV reply under the hood; the more time he takes studying the TV replay the more likely it is that the on-field decision will be countermanded

Well, it looks as if the Calgary side did get a good look at the footage.

Higgins Points to Buono - Vancouver Province. (L. Ullrich)

League jury still out... I think that's a good sign that they're thinking it out, could be setting a precedence here.

Probably gonna make Jimenez sweat and then drop the hammer next week after the Semi's.

Hey Bobby P, I have never watched gay porn, so I wouldn't know what a Gay Porn Star looks like (LOL)- but as Jerry Seinfeld would say .... "not that there's anything wrong with that"


Well, Wally's been fined...How long to figure out the rest? :roll: :roll:

The League has announced that the "Decision won't be issued" until Monday. That is hysterical.

So that means a decision was rendered but it won't be issued until Monday? Or a decision will be made Monday?

How about they're waiting to see who wins Sunday and then tweak the decision based on the outcome:

Calgary wins: A Suspension
Riders win: A Fine

Toronto, ON - (November 9, 2007) – The outcome of today's review hearing involving B.C. Lions offensive lineman Jason Jimenez will be issued on Monday, November 12, 2007.

Well I guess it really doesn't matter when the decision comes out in the public as the Lions don't play again until the 18th.

It says the outcome will be issued, so a decision has been rendered, just not been made public yet.

I guess it opens up a pandora's box as to the question as to whether they're waiting for the outcome of Sunday's game to tweak the decision, but I think the BC Lions and Mr. Jimenez have already been notified of the decision and been asked to not say anything.

The guy should be permanently out of the league.

Yup. I think there will be no Jimenez for the WDF nor the GC unless he sneaks in thru the back.

Looking back, I'd really like to know just WTF was going on in his brain, what made him snap really?

Here's an article with comments by Stamps DE Chevrier:

Jimenez hit a disgrace to the CFL - B. POWERS

[i]"[Chevrier] said as long at Gargiulo is on the sidelines, a portion of every cheque Jimenez earns should go the Stamp's way.

"We don't make a lot of money in the CFL," he said. "So I'd say that the guy must cough up $300 every time he plays."

And this man, who has a weekly radio show with former teammate Sheldon Napastuk on The Fan 960, can talk from experience.

"It wasn't all that long ago that I was dinged, unfairly I might add, with a $750 fine, and it came just as my wife was having a baby. That took away a whole lot of diaper money."

The league has not acted on the hit by Jimenez, and for that they should be ashamed. The 23-year-old Gargiulo had surgery last Monday to repair an ankle that was cracked in two places, a torn ligament and other damage from the cowardly hit. "[/i]

Can't help but feel for the Gargiulo kid. Hopefully Farrow or whoever kept getting burned last week can plug a hole. Or JJ will be dancing for his life.