Possible Injury News

I'm a waitress at a restaurant in Hamilton. Toliver and his wife (she wore a ring) came in. He is SO TALL! I overheard the woman ask him how his shoulder felt, he said, "it's ok. Hopefully it heals faster than 4 weeks." Apparently he has some type of shoulder injury. Sucks if he does. He is a really talented receiver, we need him out there. Guess we will see if he plays or not in the home opener on Friday! OSKEE WEE WEE! EAT EM RAW! --

You overheard a private conversation, and should respect it as such. If he or Austin wanted us to know, they would tell us.

Just because someone is in the public eye, that doesn't mean they're less human, and so their privacy should be just as respected as ours.

I personally find this kind of thing invasive and disrespectful.

Oh, and can you please tell us where and when you work, so we all know never to have a private convo there, because the intrusive waitress will be listening in.

Toliver got injured I believe sometime around the 3rd quarter of the opening game at BMO. Speedy played pretty much the entire 2nd half of that game replacing him. Look for Tiquan Underwood to be activated from the 1 game for Friday nights home opener against the Lions as Toliver's replacement in the line-up.

Oh, and can you please tell us where and when you work, so we all know never to have a private convo there, because the intrusive waitress will be listening in.
Geez, canadianfootballfan, lighten up a tad! Public figures are just that when they are in the public. If he didn't want to be overhead, maybe he should have waited until the waitress was out of earshot? And what is so wrong with a fan reporting this to other fans? If it was Steve Milton or Drew Edwards doing a "Tweet" we would be all over it like white on rice, even congratulating him for being on top of the situation.

Maybe it would not be an issue if the various coaches and teams issued "injury updates" as does the NFL? Can't really claim Kent is a font of information when it comes to injuries can we? Look at all the complaints we see about roster updates and injury lists.

I agree with CFF - this was a private conversation and should have been treated as such. Anything else is an invasion of his privacy. The exposure of this information becomes a competitive advantage to the other teams - most especially the Lions - since we play them on Friday...

:thup: :thup: :thup:

"Loose Lips Sink Ships".


Even if it wasn't your intention, posts that reveal this type of "unreleased" player information can potentially have negative consequences for the the player and/or the team. Please think twice before posting this type of "scoop".

I understand your reaction, but can't agree on the impact.

Teams are supposed to release their starting line-ups and depth charts 24 hours in advance of the game anyway, so the Lions will know by tomorrow evening who is playing. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if Toliver is not practicing, someone will have noticed. The CFL is a pretty small club after all.

And in the end, Toliver and Underwood, for me, have basically the same skill set and are close in ability level.

Lets not shoot the messenger just yet.

Mentioning an injury to a waitress in a restaurant is hardly a "private conversation" as someone stated above.
If it was a secret and he wasn't supposed to tell anyone he wouldn't have mentioned it to a waitress in a restaurant.

Nobody knows if this would have an impact or not. The point is, since we don't know, we shouldn't be sharing ANY information. Many years ago my brother-in-law Kent played hockey in the offseason with Hitch. Prior to the next game he told Kent whether he would be playing or not due to injury. (I don't even remember whether he was going to or not). Kent told me, and I had the option of looking like a big shot on the website by making an announcement. I chose not to, not because I KNEW it would cause a competitive disadvantage, but because it had the POTENTIAL to cause a competitive disadvantage. We as fans cannot stroke our own egos at the expense of OUR team.

Hence, "Loose lips, do sink ships" is appropriate and should ALWAYS be considered prior to ANY posting about injuries, or anything else that could be of interest to other teams.


The OP said she "overheard" it -- not that he told her. That said, if you say or do something in public and you are a public figure, your expectation of privacy should be considerably diminished.

Thanks for the news OP. Some of the reactions on here are literally unbelievable. I had to reread to make sure I wasn't missing any inside jokes or anything. It's not like she overheard nuclear launch codes and told the Chinese lol The guy was comfortable enough to talk about it in a public place within earshot of several people. I think we'll be fine :?

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And those of you asking this poor woman to disclose her name or the restaurant she works at should be ashamed of yourselves. If you knew the first thing about sexual assault, you'll know disclosing information like that could put you at risk for being stalked by strangers on the internet. Oh, what's that, you're not that type of person on the internet? Right, and she's supposed to take your word for it. :roll: :roll:

You're a public figure and someone overhears a conversation of yours in public ... that's how it is. All your precious reporters glean their information, from sources named or otherwise, in much the same way.

What we have here in terms of "Hard Intelligence" is that a poster I've never heard of before, "says" that this is what she overheard.

That proves nothing to me.

Should she repeat it on line?

Probably not, but oddly enough in this case it doesn't matter as much as if he was going to be re-activated (and who knows, maybe he will be?), that BC would be less prepared for him....(presuming someone in BC has a job of snooping through opponent's fan sites, which I rather doubt).

Not one person asked for her name. Do you literally just make stuff up?

We also don't need Als fans on here telling us how we should behave on our own teams board. So save your eye rolls and other unneeded things for the Als board. Do you need a link to find your way back?

Also… everyone is a human being first, before anything else, and they should be treated and respected as such.

A job is a job, whether in the public eye or not. They’re people first.

This is an interesting topic, to share kinda interesting Ticat information with other Ticat fans, or not out of fear the competition could gain advantage.

Coincidentally Coach Austin was asked in today's video update on this site about looking at other team's message boards for insights into what they may be practicing. His answer: never, not once.

I'm on the side that our players are public figures and anything they say in public is fair game as simply "interesting stuff" for Ticat fans to share. The value our fans get sharing interesting Ticat stories far outweighs any advantage a competing team might gain.

Besides our players are pretty smart guys. Who says TicatVV16 isn't a Ticat player or coach trying to throw the Lions off? Or maybe TicatVV16 is a Lions player or coach trying to generate controversy in these forums. The mind spins with possibilities. :wink:

Tweeted by Drew Edwards :

#Ticats DT @tedlaurent practicing for a 3rd straight day
so he'll play Fri. vs. #BCLions. Looks like REC @TiUnderwood for
Terrence Toliver.

Plus if you check out the video "Week 2 Preparation Underway" on the Cats home page you will see that it's reported that Underwood will be in for Toliver for this game. Austin pretty much says it here and there is a small interview clip with Underwood about playing on Friday night.


So it looks like from Drew's tweet that at least 2 definite line-up changes for Fridays game are big Teddy back at Tackle and Underwood replacing and starting over an injured Toliver.

The Official Depth Chart should be released sometime tomorrow afternoon to tell the complete story. As the saying goes "Stayed tuned for further developments "

Just to be clear... my issue is not that this info will help other teams, as it won't. My issue is that people give celebrities less respect than the average person.

Lets enjoy what they've become a celebrity for, not their private life and conversations. Just because you overhear people talking, that doesn't make it your business, whether the source be in the public eye or not.

welcome by the way.

dont mind the others, they're all crusty turdburglars :lol: just kidding guys but seriously lighten up.