Possible home dates for the argos

Once again, Using the Blue Jays home schedule, I've put together a list of dates where an Argo Home game would fit in.

Pre-Season: June Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st

Regular Season:
July Friday 3rd -> Sunday 5th
July Thursday 9th - Sunday July 12th
July 30th (Thursday) -> Sunday August 2nd

August Thursday 13th -> Sunday 16th
August 27th Thursday -> Sunday Aug 30th

September Friday 11th -> Sunday 13th
September Thursday 17th -> Sunday 20th

All October (unless jays make post season)

1st Weekend in November.

I've given all possible dates when the Jays are not playing at the dome, Theres 13 Week(ends) there for 9 Home games.
We are usually good for 3 home dates at the dome in October, So I don't see us playing at home the first 2 weeks in July. Also, the 27th-30th is a possible BY week for the east. (If they swap who has the by (west/east next year east/west)
Also, The greycup is late this year - so that gives the 1st weekend in November a possibility also

ArgoFans, Plan your vacation wisely !