Possible Head Coach replacements

DLC Dennis McPhee
DC Reinebold
OC Ptaszek

DC DeVone Claybrooks
STC Mark Kilam

OC Khari Jones
DC Mark Washington

DC Mike Benevides

OC Stephen McAdoo
STC Craig Dickenson

OC Paul LaPolice
DC Richie Hall

DC Mark Nelson
OC Jaime Elizondo
STC Bob Dyce

DC Noel Thorpe
OC Anthony Calvillo

OC Marcus Brady
DC Corey Chamblin.

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/3634922/commentary-kent-austins-future-as-ticats-head-coach-in-question/]http://globalnews.ca/news/3634922/comme ... -question/[/url]

This is good for off season debate and nothing more.

None of this will happen this season.

Normally, I'd agree, but now I'm not so sure.

As recently as last year, Montreal benefitted from promoting Chapdelaine midway through the year, running off 5 wins after the change.

With Austin's unique situation as VP of football ops as well as HC, he might just get kicked upstairs & Tillman may be the odd man out.

I'd be ok with making McPhee the DC & putting Reinebold back as ST coordinator. Ptaszek deserves more than 1 game to call the offensive plays.

We can't wait. This is the CFL, we are still in it. The players have quit on him.

I nominate this guy !!! Hell , he can't possibly be any worse . :lol: plus rumour has it that he comes cheap . All we'll need to pay him is the odd banana and a handful of peanuts . :lol:


Even if the Ticats brass agree a new head coach is needed, no team will grant permission to anyone currently on staff to leave in mid-season. So the only names relevant before the end of the year are those not currently working in the CFL or on the Ticats staff now.

I personally would love to see Dennis McPhee promoted to HC, but I also thought he would have been a good candidate for the DC position at the beginning of this season.

Why not let Dennis McPhee have the rest of the season? Call him Interim, and replace him with the best candidate in the off season, unless he works miracles.

I for one would be happy to see a Hamilton boy as head coach of the Tiger Cats (has it happened before?). He is the longest serving coach, he has CIS head coaching experience, and has worked under some great coaches over the years.
It would at least add some interest for the fans.

I guarantee one thing -- if Dennis is head coach, the players will not quit at half time, and they will never be blown out like that again. If you think it could happen with McPhee as HC, then you have never met the man.

Not worth firing anyone right now. The main problem with this team is the Offensive line and you can't fix that in the middle of the season. That can only be addressed through the draft and FA. Shedding Collaros contract must be tempting for Tillman... He never liked paying a QB. He isn't producing and most of the savings this year and next would allow the money to fix the offensive line. Masoli is the better QB to play with a weak offensive line anyway.

After the season ditching Tillman and Austin while expensive and bringing in younger talent like Hervey and Thorpe or Washington if he's bypassed when replacing Buono would be the smart play. Hervey would also have the best chance of signing Franklin.

The Austin era in Hamilton is over. Admitting it well that's another story.

I am not sure a coaching change will fix anything even if we are only 1/3 through the season. The problem is the OL and the defensive backfield.

The OL needs to create opportunities far greater than the 2.2 seconds they allow a QB now to get a play off, and they need to open holes for the RB's

The defense just cannot compete with receivers elsewhere in the league, they are often handily outmatched and easily 4-6 steps behind a WR, during a play-action and most of the time. There are crazy mismatches, during the last home game we had players matched up against receivers 2-4 inches taller than them, how can they keep up or even hope to get into the play.

I would suggest the main problem as exemplified in that blowout is team dynamics - the offence had no confidence and the defence simply stopped playing. That is all on coaching and being able to manage team psychology.

Listen, I am not a professional coach but coordinators need to play to their strengths. If your DBs are weak/inexperienced the formations that you set up in and the plays you run should help cover up your inadequacies.
Our DC is playing checkers and the other teams are playing chess at this time. Change is required. ASAP.

I actually thought the OL wasn't that bad on Saturday. Calgary had only one sack. The real worry I have is that Zach's loss of confidence and the poor play calling.

8) Well, you are right on one fact, and that is that the players have quit on Austin for sure..,.they have tuned him out !!
   No point in changing anything at this point until the end of the year, and then  make the necessary changes.

   Only problem I have is that I have no  faith at all in Scott Mitchell or Bob Young to make that right change   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    By the sounds of what Young said after the game, he will let Mitchell and Austin decide what to do   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->   WOW !!

     This team is in real desperate mode at this point and also in the short to long term.
     Obviously what they have been doing, is sure not working, so why would anyone have faith that what they do next
     will work, and be any better ???    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Bob is gun shy after trying to impact football ops a decade ago for good reason but this is a good opportunity to clean house and get rid of his albatross with the city (Mitchell) and put in a younger more motivated management on the football ops side of the business.

Wasn't Mitchell supposed to leave the football team like two years ago?

They need to hire a football man as president and let him hire who he wants. Mitchell has to go as well

Hire Tom Clements as the football president. He is a very knowledgeable person with connections . :cowboy:

I don't have cable so I didn't get a chance to watch the game in full only highlights and radio (Note: CFL get on this, I will pay money to have a CFL All Access pass)

But I am at all the home games, and what I've seen is Collaros is better at dodging initial pressure than the OL is at stopping it. Now when the line breaks down Collaros is scrambling his completion numbers are in the toilet, but when he is given time he seems to find a receiver fairly often.

Also if the OL isn't a problem why is Hamilton ranked 8th in rushing amongst all starting RB's? I know that it is just as much the RB's job to find and exploit a hole as it is the OL's job to make said hole but both must work in tandem to be successful and it just isn't happening.

Also it is a bit odd that the man leading the team in defensive tackles is a rookie with a suspension under his belt, though he did play in the NFL for the Ravens before this so the experience is there but not with the CFL game.

I don't think it's only the coach's fault...the whole team looked bad...Austin may need some support and you don't know what's around the corner. Yes they had an embarrassing game but it doesn't mean anything if they come out & look good this week....that old-school "lets fire everyone" is long gone & doesn't work...Maybe we should get behind our team & ride this out...Cheers!!