Possible good news regarding draft and NFL signings

This weekends CFL draft might not be as good as we all thought as many prospects have signed on with NFL teams and all teams will be reluctant to draft these player's as they could be a risk of these player's never seeing a CFL field (remember Cory Mace?).

The prospects that just signed NFL deals are

The number 3 prospect Concordia Linebacker Cory Greenwood is in negotiations with Kansas City Chiefs
The number 10 prospect Bishops WR Shawn Gore signed on with Green Bay
The number 11 prospect waterloo OL Joel Reinders has signed with Cleveland

Three other player's who were not among the CFL scouting Bureau's top 15 were also signed down south
Concordia OL Kristian Matte signed with Houston
Regina Reciever Jordon Sisco signed with Indianapolis
Wilfred Laurier DL Chima Ihekwoaba has signed with detroit.

Apparently Mack was very interested in Gore and Ihekwoaba, i am not saying they will all make the NFL but it is a HUGE risk drafting any of these player's.

THE POSSIBLE GOOD NEWS is NFL Mini Camps begin this week and DB Heffney, LB Doggett, WR Titus Ryan, WR Dudley Guice JR and DE Pat MacDonald will all be trying out for the respective teams and if they don't cut it during the mini camps they are still Bomber Property. All or some of these player's may be released/cut as early as the end of the mini camp (end of this week). I wish them all the best but i am really hoping to see Heffney, Doggett and Ryan back in Bomber colors sooner rather than later.

Your post is inaccurate. Aside from the first 3 players, all others are getting a tryout at mini-camps. None of them have "signed" down south.

TSN says that both Reinders and Matte signed as FAs with NFL teams while Gore, Sisco and Ihekwoaba have been invited to mini-camps. No update yet on a deal for Greenwood.

Today's Winnipeg Sun has reported that ALL player's i mentioned have SIGNED with the NFL Clubs with the exception of Greenwood who was still in negotiations.

This was the info in today's Winnipeg Sun and the Sun Website, almost word for word:

The number 10 prospect Bishops WR Shawn Gore signed on with Green Bay
The number 11 prospect waterloo OL Joel Reinders has signed with Cleveland

Three other player's who were not among the CFL scouting Bureau's top 15 were also signed down south
Concordia OL Kristian Matte signed with Houston
Regina Reciever Jordon Sisco signed with Indianapolis
Wilfred Laurier DL Chima Ihekwoaba has signed with detroit.

First of all IT IS NOT ME being inaccurate because I practically posted The Winnipeg Sun article word for word and the online version and TSN have stated the same as i posted. My post is not inaccurate, maybe The Sun Newspaper and online versions and also TSN are in accurate, but it is not likely that The Sun and TSN are posting lies.

Here is the Winnipeg Sun link that states all have signed except Greenwood:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2010/04/25/13717641.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 17641.html[/url]

lol the sun says this, tsn says that... man oh man its like buck pierce signing with the bombers all over again. will he or wont he, one says yes, the other says no. all i know is the winnipeg sun has never let facts get in the way of one of their printed articles so, because of past umm idiocy on the suns part, i tend to beleive tsn more on this one but honestly who cares.

hefney? that would be great but dont count on it.
guice? meh he didnt do much last year and really we dont need ANOTHER receiver.
doggett? that would rule but his special teams ability will get him past the mini camp.
Ryan? probably the only likely one to come back as the cowboys drafted dez bryant and it looks like ryan is about 5th or 6th on the depth chart behind other return men.

will any of them be back? probably 1 or 2 but my guess is not until MUCH later in the year.

Yeah Kirk Penton is full of it... Like I said I was not attacking you personally, just pointing out the errors.

Sisco has not signed with the Colts but could earn an invitation to the team's main training camp with a strong showing on the weekend.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/R ... z0mH1tECdp

That Sun article also says the Bombers have the rights to Pat MacDonald if he's released by the Seahawks but that isn't true. He wasn't an option year signing by Seattle. He was a free agent. Also the rights to Dudley Guice Jr. are not owned by the Bombers if he's cut either. He asked for his release which was granted by the interim regime. If he's cut he'll be an FA.

I saw that Mike Kafka was drafted in the fourth round by Philadelphia. Isn't he on the bombers neg list? I remember seeing him talked about on ourbombers

....with all of this interest by the nfl for our homegrown talent , it's plain to see that the 'big-show' wants to cream=off all or any type of talent available....greedy ba$tards,,,,,You have to wish the guys well and hope they secure their futures...(doesn't help us a helluva lot)..In any case , i would think that CFL teams drafting this year will put an asterisk beside any of the top choices, stating '''*for future consideration.......The Bombers could certainly use a few of these guys NOW ..along with a few other clubs but that doesn't look too promising at the moment...Guess we'll have to wait and see how it all shakes-down on Sun. :roll:

....as far as our guys who jumped ship in the off-season....I think Ryan will probably be back....the rest .....never.....cest' la vie :expressionless:

I thought I read somewhere that there is no salary cap in the NFL this year ?

Looks to me like teams are just taking advantage of this and stocking the shelves on everything they can this season.

The Bombers should take a kid in the 1st round of the draft who can help them now. The Ticats took receiver Sam Giguere in the 1st round 3 years ago, and he will probably never play in Hamilton. He has worked his way up the Colts depth chart, and is poised to become their KR this year. A lot of these Canadian kids who are attracting NFL interest are talented enough to stick there now.

Jamaal Lee is another coveted high 1st round pick who Wally probably would not have taken, given how his career is now playing out down south.

They took Sam in the second round. Their first round pick was Dylan Barker their starting safety, who has just extended his contract.

Jamal Lee has been with the Lions since September of last year and his competing for the starting RB position this year.

Do you actually know anything about our league ? Anyway most teams will take a "player" with their first pick and look at Juniors and futurs with 2 to 4th round picks.

Giguere was taken with the last pick in the first round because of the Montreal forfeit (busting the cap). I wasn't aware that Lee had come back to Canada.

Maybe some of the best players in this year's draft (Greenwood, Gore, Turner) will slip to the second round because of that NFL interest?

some rocks make good homes

I don't know about that Killer, apparently Heffney is being tried out as a CB in Detroit and is 5TH or 6TH on the depth chart for that position. I also read somewhere (a Detroit paper or Lion Site) that he is a long shot to make the club because he came into mini camp way undersized compared to his competetion (5'9 172 LBS) but apparently was asked to put on some weight and from what i hear he is somewhere near 185 LBS. He may make it past this weeks mini-camp and i do wish him the best, but i can't see Heff sticking with Detroit. Coming in 13 pounds under the weight Detroit wanted him to be is not good, having to pack on 13 pounds in a short period of time takes a toll on anyone's body and hinders performance. I think Heffney will be back and hopefully will be in shape if/when he returns!!

MacDonald was not an option player, you are correct, but who cares i don't think he'll be back in the CFL this year anyway's. As for Guice JR. who cares we have enough reciever's already and i would rather see Titus back instead, but Guice did sign a 1 YR plus option with the Bombers and was never granted a release by the interim regime, but instead used his option year to tryout, therefore he is Bomber property if he is cut and not a FA, but again who cares!!

I need to keep track of these links, something i alway's forget to do. I am not arguing with anyone or stating i know more than anyone else, just following numerous sources from The Bomber's, CFL, NFL, Scouts, NFL cities Papers etc. and etc. and if i make a mistake i take responsibility but i can blame the sources and not myself ... LOL ... I follow all of our player's as close as i can using different sources and if i can provide them i will.

Here is what i have read about former Bomber's down South so far:

Hefney came in 13 LBS under weight as they wanted him to be around 185-190 and came in at 174 LBS and apparently packed on the weight pretty quick and in sports that is not healthy. Detroit wants him to try and play corner as they are set at DB (so they think) and Hefney is too small to play DB in the NFL and as far as i know Hefney has never played Corner, even if he did he is still 5TH or 6TH on Detroits depth chart on corner. But Hefney will be in Detroit at least until the NFL camps are over then i can see him coming back.

Titus Ryan is almost at the bottom of the KR/PR depth chart and i think we will see him cut sooner than any other player down South, possibly before CFL camps start? He is the most likely to return to the Bombers sooner than anyone.

We will not see MacDonald in the CFL in the near future and Guice is at least going to get a PR spot in Indy. Doggett also has tough competition and honestly i can see him being cut during/after NFL Camps, but our season will be well underway by then, but if he is cut he will only improve our team and will be welcomed back.

I believe we will see Hefney back in the fall, same as Doggett and i believe Titus Ryan will be back sooner than most people think, probably before the CFL season begins!!

Jets are a perfect example of that.

Santonio Holmes, Ladainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, Antonio Cromartie. Now they're interested in Adalius Thomas.

Hefney definitely has a legitimate shot at making the lions. They are very thin at corner (and just about everywhere else on the roster). Also, Hefney actually played very well last season as opposed to some other players that get NFL try-outs (Bo Smith)