Possible good news for Calgary

Tsoumpas was released by the Dolphins.


Does Calgary still own his rights? If so, expect a retirement announcement any time.

:lol: Nice, Artie.

If he doesn't sign with another team within 10 days, then he belongs to the Stamps.


He's young, I expect another team will take a look at him, but I think he'll make his way back to the Stamps eventually this season. I was surprised he was cut so early.

...fixed it there for ya...Tsoupy will be welcome back no problem, even though our patch-work O-line hasn't been operating too badly....always good to have depth though

It's official dimitri tsoumpas has signed a long term contract with the calgary stampeders and will help balance out our canadian ratio


Great signing by the Stamps, I'm a bit surprised he didn't try to catch on with another NFL team but maybe being released early he saw the writing on the wall so to speak.

One of the few weaknesses on a good Calgary team got a lot better.

I'm a little confused. How can he sign an extension when he hasn't cleared NFL waivers yet? The TSN article said he was released on July 29 so it's been less than a week.

...because it was clear that no NFL club had any interest in him, so why wait around for the waiver period to end...Calgary already held his contract rights so it's not like any other CFL club had an opportunity to sign him, so why waste time, get the deal done and get into the lineup...

But couldn't Miami recall him from waivers like Mallett was with the Eagles? Or another NFL could claim him off waivers like what happened with Medlock.

Because Tsoumpas signed in his option year with Calgary under the soon to be no longer "option year signing period with the NFL". Tsoumpas was not a free agent and so can return to Calgary immediately under his existing contract without clearing NFL waivers. Mallet was released by the BC Lions and was a free agent when he went to the NFL and must clear waivers.

Medlock was an option year signing and he was claimed off waivers by Detroit after he was released by Washington.

maybe because calgary still owns his rights and thats where he wants to play. he doesnt have to go back to the nfl if the want him too he can still make that choice

The Argos still owned Medlock's rights when he was released by Washington. When that happened it was reported that was looking forward to re-joining the Argos and then Detroit claimed him.

I guess Calgary could sign Tsoumpas to an extension but I would assume the contract can't be filed or Tsoumpas can't start practicing with the team until the 10 days are up.

well you apparently know everything but the answer. maybe medlock was only going back to toronto thinking it was his only shot till detroit picked him up, it seems like tsoumpas really wants back in calgary

maybe thats the case

The Tsoumpas situation and the Medlock situation are the same. Both were option year signings. Both were released. Medlock had to clear waivers before heading to Toronto but was claimed by Detroit and then he was screwed because by the time Detroit released him and he cleared waivers there was no job in Argoland for him.

What I'm asking is if Tsoumpas' situation is different from every other player who has been released by an NFL team that I've heard about and if so, why.

i really dont know im just stoked that hes back :smiley:

I finally got an answer to my question. The NFL waiver period is a different length during different times of the year. From the next business day after the Super Bowl until May 31 and from July 4 to the end of the season the waiver period is 24 hours. From June 1 to July 3 the waiver period is 3 days. The 10 day period is the amount of time a player has to try to catch on somewhere else before returning to his CFL team.

The Stamps get a whole heck of alot better if this is the case.
Their O-line held up so far, but adding an elite guy like Tsoumpas is going to be great for them.
Not so much for the rest of the division.