Possible depth chart changes

We know Shaw is gone and most likely Karikari at safety.

Hopefulluy Cody will play.

What about Hudson and Cheron? Any chance they could play? I recall reading somehwere that Dyakowski could get some playing time, and last game he was listed behind Damian Cook.

That could be a very different O-line.

What about receivers? Looks like Gardner and Anderson arethe WRs with Curry being moved to slot.

And last but not least, the very real possibility of Chang starting.

This could be a very different team taking the field tommorrow.

I wonder when the depth chart will be rteleased.

Anthony Arceneaux was moved to the practice roster to make room for Thyron Anderson. As far as George Hudson goes,I'm pretty sure he was placed on the 9-game injury list at the beginning of the season which would make him ineligible to play until after Labour Day. Unfortunately, the injury list doesn't let you know if the player is on the 9-game or 1-game injury list.

Yes George is on 9 game List .

They need to PLAY harder, no matter what changes are made.