Possible coaching staff additions?

I have heard recently that Coach Doug Berry has spoken to 3 current CFL assistants, and all current CFL coaches.

Interesting rumour is that Brian Dobie, is a candidate to join a CFL team this season.

And Juran Bolden has spoken to Brendan Tamen about re-joining the team. Apparently Bolden who has played very well with the Bucs this season is getting tired of the Bucs treatment, and not happy with the way they are using him.

If it happens look for the Bombers to load up to the cfl max salary cap apparently at $3.8m / plus having him sponsored by local business.

Other interesting news. Kevin Glenn is close to getting a deal done with the team, and Jamie Stoddard has recently rejected a Bomber offer close to $85,000 /season. Stoddard is looking closer to $95,000 and with bonuses could reach $110,000.

Ryland Wickman days are numbered. Wickman is rumoured to be on his way to Toronto.

well with the amount of players leaving, we should be signing some big name players now.

we have Fight 87 back again. so that's a start.

ya it is a start, but we need to work on getting defencive players. like DB and LB

....good new about Juran Bolden possibly coming back.....this guy was a feared ,,hard-hitting db. when he played for the BigBlue...can't remember how old he is now, though ...and would that make a difference...Glenn will definitely be signed soon....Stoddard would be a loss ...I think the Bombers will come up with the money...rumours are still flying around about another good F.A. signing....probably after Feb. 15 ...and I hope Taman has saved enough cash to sign Walls...Canada.....and possibly Ryan.. also.from the rumour mill...Jon Ryan has a big-fat contract awaiting him in the Peg....if he dosen;t sign on with an NFL team....and good luck to Ryland Wickman in TO.....don't think he has much left in the tank.... :!: