Possible Brandon Whitaker Injury

Herb saying Whitaker not at practice.

And this ominous tweet from Brandon:

"Being tested right now and I will not fail. As upset and frustrated as I am right now I know things could be worse. #thankful"

Let`s hope nothing too serious. And kind of explains keeping all 3 of Devine, Wolfe and Anderson.

Tested : Code for concussion...

Hope whatever it is won't keep him out for long, if at all.

Brandon is a huge part of the offensive scheme and must be at his best. I don't know if anyone in pre-season impressed us enough to be a replacement. Such is football - depth means championships! Sure hope we have a good crop of them.

Watching the hideous Esks/Lions game...for some reason my ears pricked up when someone said "you need more than one starting running back"

I immediately thought of the Alouettes.
If Whitaker goes down...who do we have?
Fortunately running back is nothing like trying to find a quarterback that can play the CFL game.
(Although Buono has proved yet again that he can locate one pretty much at will)
There's never any lack of guys who can run the ball

Anyways...I hope this is all just rumour.
The start of the 2012 campaign won't be made any easier if we have to scramble to find a starting tailback.
Especially considering his vital importance in protecting the "old man"

Whitaker now tweeting all is well football-wise and his previous tweet had nothing to do with football.

Journal saying Whitaker lost personal items when his car was broken into downtown. Personal items always tougher to lose than the material replaceable ones. Last year Emry had his Grey Cup ring stolen.


whew indeed