possible Big Big Trades on tap

Small push in Hamilton to Trade Zach Collaros as unhappy so far this year. Masoli is a back up. 3rd string with Edmonton. Given chance to start and failed. Some QB?S come off bench and do well for a game or two. But fail when they have to start regularly. Thats why there paid $100,000. NOW START A RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE not!!!!!!!!!!!
Cats want Franklin. Esks will not trade to Jonesville. Or will they trade to Toronto to help franchise again..
Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Hamilton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR Break the Bank and keep in Eskeville.

Franklin is #1 Target right now, no question!

Toronto, Hammy & Regina r Top 3 destinations..... East more likely.

Winnipeg will continue to put its head in the sand - pretending Nichols is more than a scrub.

Like Old Don once said - Matt Nichols is good enough to get you beat!

Very well said!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin and Masoli are the QB's in the mix. Do not forget about Dom Davis or Vernon Adams.

If he does get traded, It will most likely be the West.

Can not see Austin doing anything to help an Eastern team.

Any team in the East would have to give up the bank to get him.

As we have seen in BC, you will need 2 starters in the CFL the way QB's go down.

Small scenario. BUT!!

Franklin and Whyte "kicker" and a canadian receiver to Hamilton for
Tasker, Masoli, Castillo. Zach to Sask for a top receiver and a top d-back plus a young QB.

Or Not!!!!!!!!!!

I said before the beginning of the year how Franklin is the real deal and will be the most sought after FA at year end.
Providing he is not traded by the Esks, that team is obviously protecting itself just incase Reilly is injured.
As everyone knows and like BC has found out, 2 very good QBs are needed for each team.
Having said that, the Esks if they hold onto to Franklin as a insurance policy will get zero for him at year end.
Despite the surprising play of the aging Ray, my Argos should make every effort to trade for him now.

Total agree!!!

Reilly is a last second guy - so his chnces of getting bush-whacked is high. Their chances for a cup reduce big-time if he goes down! To Hammy for Zak & a pkg. including draft picks, solid DB, some takeback of Zak's salary - up to $200k

I’m sure teams are in line to pay a 2-8 damaged QB 500k

That’s why Hammy will have to barf up @ least $200k (more likely $250k) if they decide to trade Collaros!

He’s hot rubbish @ $500k - if Sask lost both Glenn & Bridge they’d be eager to bring in ZZZZak :cowboy:

Maybe, or they could trade all 3 rider q.b.'s for franklin, and pick up a couple of strays, and just write this season off, to practise.

If Franklin has privately indicated that he is interested in playing for Jones .. he won't be traded to anyone I suspect. No team in the cfl will pay the high price for him as a rental if they know he walks at the end of the season.

I would not be surprised to see him as a rider this season though. Once the riders are completely out of the play offs ..... I'm sure a trade that would strengthen the eskimos cup run could be made. Don't see Edmonton making a trade with the riders before that point.

It would be a sign and trade proposition for Franklin by the new team.

...will Jones make it to the end of the season?

Unless he goes 0 & out, he'll make it thru the year - the riders r no longer as doggedly stubborn as the Winnipeg group - who seem hellbent on keeping Miller, Walters & O'Shea around forever.
If Corky can sign Franklin, even after another poor season - he might get a 6 to 8 game reprieve in 2018. Might? :cowboy:

Nice!! But all teams would want that .... Or not!!! Eskies will avoid Jones like the...

Not going to SASK unless, unless a ton of cash left on highway 1 in a dumpster.

haha. I remember some Riderfans claiming that Franklin would be traded prior to the season rather than risk losing him for nothing. It was so obvious! :lol: Now the goalposts are moved and Rider fans are saying Franklin will be theirs prior to the end of the season...and if not then, they will sign him as a free agent. It will be hilarious when if he signs with another team or is traded to another one (a distinct possibility) and the Rider fans are stuck with leftovers.

If Trev Harris & Collaros continue to suck - they'll both be eligible for the Rider Rehab program!

Lulay would rather retire a Lion - he's prolly the next great head coach in training!

If any team should go after Franklin its Winnipeg - but the hobo-infested bombers r quite happy to continue their stubborn ways, for the simple sake of continuity!

Wonder if anyone gives Burriss a call?

Collaros aint going anywhere wake up he is the best QB in the league in my opinion. He has no help and Austin is losing his touch.