possible 3 way tie in east after this week

It's quite possible that after this weeks games,there could be a 3 way tie in the East with 8 games to go.

The Cats will win against the Lions and the Al's will take another game from the Argos,setting up a 3 way with all teams

sitting at 5-5.Looking at every team's last 8 on their schedule,it would appear that the Cats would have the inside track

on finishing on top,followed by the Al's then the Argos in third.

CATS Final 8 games...@Cal/Mtl/Cal/@Tor/Tor/@Mtl/Mtl/@Wnp/.....prediction....5 wins...3...losses....10 wins 8 losses
ALS Final 8 games...@B.C/@Ham/Sask/@Edm/Wnp/Ham/@Ham/@Tor.prediction.3 wins..5...losses.....8 wins 10 losses
ARG Final 8 games..@Sask/@Cal/@Edm/Ham/@Ham/@Wnp/Wnp/Mtl...prediction.3 wins..5...losses.....8 wins 10 losses

Cats have 4 home/4 away/6 division games
Al's have 3 home/5 away/5 division games
Arg have 3 home/5 away/5 division games

In addition including their game with the Al's this week,the Argos play 4 away games in a row without R.Ray
In Mtl the Q.B. position is also questionable with Calvillo's concussion,and spotty play when healthy
In Ham,if we can win 3 of 4 at home and 2 of 4 on the road....1rst place should be ours.

This could be finally our year to finish in 1rst place,the schedule favours us right now......but theres still a lot of football to be played.....Any way you break it down....all this talk about it being us or Tor in first,won't matter,cause it looks like the good ship Argo will swan dive into 3rd place this year. :slight_smile: :rockin: :cowboy:

Als fans are talking Grey Cup. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The way their d stood up last night and that rookie qb, seems to have the respect of the team. I don't blame those fans for talking GC actually.
We need to take care of business Saturday agains't the Lions.

A 4 win club - you do not talk grep cup mid season. Ever.

Uh, which Als fans are talking Grey Cup? Because that is no Als fan on this forum, I guarantee you that.

What we are talking about is the hope of being a competitive team down the stretch and scratching our way into the playoffs.

With EDM and WPG it shouldnt be that hard. But it is early.

See the word in bold. It’s a hope, not a fearless prediction. The fact that we’ve been able to win two in a row against upper-echelon teams with 23-year-old Tanner Marsh is enough to give us a bit of hope, that’s all. Which is not unreasonable in the least.

D&P is being quite sensible and restrained here. (Mtl. looks like they are getting their act together to me.)

We should be just as careful in what we say about the Cats as D&P is about the Als..

Who knows how this season is going to turn out? It's been crazy so far with so many QBs getting injured and both Winnipeg and Edmonton imploding. I wouldn't be surprised to see Toronto return to the big game, or Hamilton make it there, or maybe even Montreal (though I'd say we're a pretty long shot). But I don't think an eastern team is winning the Cup this year. The top western teams are just too strong.

I have to agree with you,tis been a crazy year so far.Has there ever been a season where not one but two teams sit at one win each 1/2 thru the season ? I can't recall a season where this has ever happened before.I have to agree that right now it looks like a Western team will win the Cup.....but........last year a very mediocre 9-9 Argo team came out of nowhere late in the season and won it all. Could that happen this year? probably not.....but ya never know,stranger things have happened in this crazy league known as the C.F.L. !!!

The Cats really shouldn't squander this opportunity. Winnipeg is a non-factor and with Ray and Calvillo out the Cats should make a move for 1st in the East. All of the other teams in the East are in some sort of disarray so if the Cats don't gain some ground here then they only have themselves to blame.

Calvillo is gone for the year, put on the 9 game injured. So it's probably the end of his career:


A real shame but health has to be the no. priority especially at this point in his life.

Agreed. Credit Wetenhall and Popp for pulling the Als back from what looked like chaos. There is lots else to credit Popp for: along with the coaching staff at the time, keeping Marsh over Porter and having another good draft, this year finding a starter (Edem). Obviously we'll learn a lot when Montreal and Hamilton actually play each other.