Possible 2013 Grey Cup in Hamilton?

Agreed. The Grey Cup is really pretty easy to predict where it will go. I'd be shocked if Winnipeg didn't get 2013. Ottawa has already been conditionally granted the 2014 game, and if Hamilton and Regina get new stadiums, they will get the game next.


just on a side note, at the press conference held in wpg when they officially began construction of the new stadium, mark cohon talked mentioned ham and tor possibly get new stadiums in the future. NO mention of that stadium in regina at all.

and honestly havent heard much talk about it in a long time, all i hear recently was the sask govt has other things to worry about first and have basically put construction of the stadium on hold for the time being.

it takes time to get these stadium projects going, they dont jjust come out with proposals and say yup its happening.. hellzzz no, they do studys, they do surveys, they have to get the funding, this doesnt happen over night, it takes years for that to happen.

in all honesty i dont see hamilton or regina getting a new stadium anytime soon. 5 years from now? maybe.. but not b4 then thats for sure.

That's too bad in Saskatchewan, disappointing actually. The stadium there looks crappy compared with how popular the team is. Probably no better than our "splinter infested" wooden benches and magic markers for seats we have in Hamilton. I won't be going to a Grey Cup in Sask in their current stadium, that's for sure.

No worries there Earl, cause Sask won't get a Grey Cup game until they have a new stadium.

My guess is,depending on new stadiums for Sask an Ham.

13-Winnipeg (if Sask and Ham get new ones,I see this as the only year)
14-Ott/Montreal (if Ott is not in it would go to Mon,not sure why ppl think the Al's should get it in 13,they just hosted it in 08,and their stadium upgrades have no bearing,cause they would play at the Big O)

The roof in Montreal is in serious condition, so one wonders about its future.

hamilton is done as a city, the place is a dump, it cant attract tourists, and it has too many streetwalkers and crack dealers in the downtown core, fugetaboutit.

I hope this is your attempt at humour because if it's not, then this has to be the most ignorant comment I've ever seen. No other city has drug addicts or prostitutes. Have you ever been anywhere near Maple Leaf Gardens? You'll see plenty of both.

I wouldn't be opposed to Montreal hosting the Grey Cup in 2013. It's driving distance for Hamilton/Toronto fans and it's probably the most fun city in the country. Who doesn't have fun when they're in Montreal?

I actually thought it was a nice city the two times I was there last season.

Quit showing your ignorance. The crack dealers and streetwalkers have abandoned the downtown core, like everyone else.

Seriously, though, if you can't make an intelligent point without hurling childish insults, then at least learn something about the city you're insulting. We Hamiltonians are laughing at your stupidity.