Possible 2013 Grey Cup in Hamilton?

This according to Drew Edwards, Hamilton Spectator beat reporter

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/06/the-grey-cup-and-hamilton.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ilton.html[/url]

Although I personally think it would be great, I'm sure there's going to be a lot competition post 2012 for hosting the Grey Cup, with Winnipeg getting a new stadium and Ottawa getting back in on the CFL action.

IIRC, Ottawa has already been tentatively awarded the 2014 Grey Cup if the renovations to Frank Clair Stadium are completed. Winnipeg was promised a Grey Cup within 5 years of the new stadium being completed and Saskatchewan and Hamilton will probably have the same promise made to them as Winnipeg.

Not gonna happen until Hamilton gets a new stadium. 2013 will go to Regina. I will guarantee you that.

You guarantee it? What do we get if you're wrong? :lol:

A most sincere apology...

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I don't know if Birdman is much of a baker.

I'm no baker, that's for sure. I'm not guaranteeing anything tangible. Just an expression.

Grims will have to make do with store bought then. :wink:

I doubt that by 2013 Hamilton will have the stadium finished.

and if Saskatchewan doesn't have their stadium by then either, it'll likely go to Montreal

yup sorry guys, regina and hamilton WILL NOT get the grey cup unless u have new stadiums and it looks like that wont be happening until atleast 2013.

winnipeg will have a shot at that one as the stadium is scheduled to open in 2012.

right now.. winnipeg has begun construction.. hamilton and regina still have no clue what they are doing.

if not winnipeg then montreal.

Montreal would be my choice as well. But never know, could be at B.C. place perhaps. Winnipeg would be ideal as well.

Store bought is fine by me! I prefer Oreos. :smiley:


I can't see the league having three consecutive Grey Cups in Ontario (Toronto in 2012, Hamilton in 2013, Ottawa in 2014). Hamilton will likely have to wait a while. If Ottawa doesn't come back until 2013, I wouldn't be surprised if they have to wait until 2015 to host the Grey Cup.

Why not? They're having three consecutive Grey Cups in the West, two within the same province, followed by one in a province adjacent to it.

2013 will be winnipeg, you can bank on that!

2014 is ottawa' if they finish the stadium by then

2015 hamilton, if they get this stadium built.

2016 Halifax or Quebec city

I agree. Traditionally, holding the GC in the same province, or near the same place has never much mattered. They are trying to move around more in recent years though, so I would agree with previous posters that it will most likely be in Montreal. Winnipeg's turn will come up shortly, but since the new stadium is scheduled to open in 2012, I imagine the league would want to give the city more than one season to make sure everything is properly in place before they open the city to the entire country (adequete parking/concessions/cleaning up ugly construction leftovers). Just because games are being played in the new stadium, doesn't mean the construction process has finished.

My guess?

Montreal - 2013
Winnipeg - 2014

And then Regina/Hamilton/Ottawa in 2015/2016/2017, depending on who gets their stadium up and ready first.

I don't think the Tiger-cats have any real expectation for 2013; just that they would like to host one soon. 2013 was only mentioned because it's the next one that still hasn't been awarded. There's no way this city will get a stadium up and running in time for that game.

And I think they're only mentioning the Grey Cup because they're pretty sure the site the city wants for the stadium will be unable to be expanded to accommodate the game. I think they're right. When the city first decided they wanted it built on the harbourfront, my first thought was, "Oh, well, I guess we'll never host another Grey Cup game; but at least we'll have a new stadium!"

I say, build it somewhere else, make it hold 30,000, expand it to 40,000+, and get the game for 2015.

The city of Hamilton wants to build a stadium in a site not much unlike where the current stadium is for access, even worse, and the last Grey Cup with the Argos in it there were so few Argo fans that came to watch "their team" it was a joke and they couldn't come near a sellout here in Hamilton.

People from Toronto will not come to anywhere near downtown Hamilton, generally speaking, and yet the city thinks an inner city site is the way to go. Unreal, our owner is telling them it ain't going to work boys but Hamilton city council and the mayor have blinders on. It's turning into a huge fiasco and the stadium will probably be lost to Hamilton because the city is so dumb.