Possibilty Of A Crossover This Year.

Ok I know were only half way through the season. And that theres still a lot of season left to be played. But I wanted to bring this up now. Because everybody seems to think that the 1-8 Tiger Cats stand no chance of making the playoffs this year. And so far in the East that seems to be true. But Look at the standings. The third place team in the West right now is Calgary. Calgary at this point in time is 4 and 5. Hamilton is only 3 wins behind Calgary. So 6 points. This is not that much when you think about it. And I can see a cross over happening this year. I hope to see it happen because unless Ottawa does totally horrible (like they did against Montreal on Friday Night) I dont think we stand a chance in the East. We have a better chance in the West at this point. What are all of your thoughts on this.

if hamilton loses the LDC against the Argos tomorrow...then they have NO CHANCE.

i think it will be toronto, montreal, ottawa ...in the East without any west crossovers..
BC, edmonton fur sure in the West...
if Winnipeg beats Sask tonite, then calgarys got the 3rd spot locked up....cuz winnipeg will be 4-7 with ONLY 7 games left.
if Sask wins both against Winnipeg, then i think it will come down to week 18 ...calgary vs Sask....winner takes 3rd!

Actually Ham is 7 points back because they need a better record. Equal records will go to the team in their division.

I still dont like the crossover.

I think it is quite possible the cross over could come from the West. Ottawa has looked terrible in there last two losses. They haven't just lost, they have been destroyed. Meanwhile, teams like Calgary upset Montreal, and Winnipeg beating Ottawa (though I wonder if Ottawa is that good), and Saskatchewan still showing life versus B.C.
Though if I had to put money on it, I'd still bet Ottawa will get that last playoff spot. As for Hamilton I don't see it. They would pretty much have to sweep T.O in these back to back games to get back into the thick of things. I just don't see that happening. They may somehow win tomorrow, but beating T.O two weeks in a row is a long shot.

I agree. If there is a crossover it will be a western team comming east. But again right now MTL-OTT has a 4 point lead on the 4th place western team it will take 5 points to crossover

There is a good chace.

Well a good chance to me would be if the west and east were tied.
Right now the west is 5 points behind

Ture, but Saskatchewan has a good chance to beat out Ottawa.

Crossing my fingers that that Doesn't happen!

so sask, is NOW 4-6 with 8 games left
sask. next 8 games ( probable losses in CAPS )....winnipeg, EDMONTON, TORONTO, BC, MONTREAL, EDMONTON,calgary, BC.

thats the probability of 6 more losses...a record of 6-12....NO CROSSOVER THIS YEAR!!!!!!

thats not to say sask, can't steal the 3rd west spot from calgary ( doubt it ), since they do play eachother in week 18.....

( calgary still plays hamilton 2ice, winnipeg, and sask. ...so a better chance at the 3rd spot)

I love the Cross Over… BUT!

After the awful game tonight, Saskatchewan doesn’t desevre a CO spot in the East!!!

they ( sask ) still have a 45-55 chance to take 3rd