Possibility or not?

Can anyone envision us winning two out of the last four and the igloo people losing all four? I believe we should beat Winnepeg and TO. I know it's a stretch to think this way but its all I have left. I think we have an easier schedule. Need some hope from some knowledgeable fans.

Edmonton has a tough schedule, Sask, BC, Montreal, Calgary. Hopefully they lose most of those games and we win one more than Edmonton now. Edmonton wins 0 we have to win 1, Edmonton win 1 we have to win 2, Edmonton wins 2 we have to win 3, Edmonton wins 3 we have to win 4. But then Sask comes into effect. All we have to do is end up tied with the 4th place team in the west and were in !!

Sounds easy enough. But I’m not counting on it. Last night was the proverbial “4 pointer”, and we folded. Why will we do better the rest of the way. I hope we do, but I’ve seen little evidence this season to suggest it’s likely.

EDM will have a real advantage next weekend hosting SSK. EDM will have 7 non-playing days before that game while SSK will have only 4 and also have travel home from TOR and then to EDM. And, it's tie breaker game on their season series.

There are no easy schedules when we are our own worst enemies every 2nd game. We give up too many turnovers, drop too many passes and potential interceptions and just don’t seem all that excited about putting out a solid effort game in game out. There is something wrong with this organization and the team.

If we play like we have recently (hot and cold) we will:

  • beat BC

  • lose to Calgary

  • beat Winnipeg

  • lose to Toronto.

    So.....that would mean if Edmonton only wins one more game in the regular season we would win the crossover fight with them. Still don't know how Sask will affect us.
    However, I think the other teams will step up the pace during the last four regular season games...leaving us behind to wallow in our porous defence, inconsistency from our QB and a failure to make use of all of our offensive talent at the same time.Problems that should have been corrected weeks ago.
    Kavis Reed ( don't get me going on why we never kept him) has the foresight and confidence to shake up his offensive play calling this late in the season. But we keep Porter out of the games even when we are way ahead on the scoreboard, need a couple of yards..or when Burris clearly is having a bad game. We also allow Creehan to continue with his refusal to make adjustments week after week.
    We don't deserve to make the playoffs even though it is still possible. We should have earned it and not have to hope we can get into the playoffs by default.
    Regardless...what about the future? Is this the way it's going to be next season..and the next..until George Cortez's contract is up? Scott Mitchell will soon be out of football operations. Obie is due to retire. We still don't have a clue about where the home games will be next season.
    Seems to me we are running out of options for a re-building on the management side. The only thing I can see is that George Cortez becomes the new GM. Then we go with some young assistant coach and take a chance (just like Edmonton and Sask did :frowning: ) . And Creehan is given a one way ticket out if Hamilton.
    The Caretaker must be ready to throw in the towel. His experts have let him down badly. Lordy I hope he sticks with this team for a while longer.

Wait a minute! First you rip George Cortez for his shortcomings and failures noted above, but then you state:

What in the name of Ralph Sazio makes you think that George Cortez could or should be GM? What has he shown here that would make you believe he could successfully fill that role? Are you using the theory that incompetence needs to be promoted upstairs simply to get it out of the way of progress?
Help me with this …

I agree Cortez as the next GM would be a mistake considering he has in my opinion a poor handle on player ability and picking talent. The team does not deserve to be in the playoffs. If they did manage to squeek in the entire team would crap the bed anyways. Too many changes need to be made …

8) You're dead on right with that statement !!


  'Cos we're stuck with him until the end of his contract!!!!!
   I believe Marcel is still being paid. Can't see the Caretaker wanting to pay of another under .500 coach.
   If you have another[b] workable[/b] solution...let's hear and discuss it.
8) Next season will be very interesting for sure. Thank goodness there will be no real home games in Hamilton, and I
  wouldn't be surprised that if this team shows no improvement at all, and continues on with this same pattern of play

  next season, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see the Cats cut ties with Mr. Cortez.

  This team will have to have something positive to show when they move into the new stadium, to entice fans to come 

   back again.

    I know that the Cats would have to eat up the last 2 years of Cortez's big contract, but they just may be forced to !!!

Yes, it's possible.

Predicting any kind of performance by this team...virtually impossible. :?


You are absolutely right. But is that the way we want to continue?

Let's see now, without a crystal ball:.....

Oct 12 We lose to BC
Oct 13 Edmon loses to Sask
Still 2 pts back

Oct 19 Edmon loses to BC
Oct 20 We lose to Calg
Still 2 pts back

Oct 27 We beat Winn
Oct 28 Edmon loses to Mont
Dead even

Nov 1 We beat TO
Nov 2 Calg beats Edmon
We are 2 up

Even if Edmon wins 1 we are still tied and finish third
Maybe just a pipe dream, but I still think it's possible

No way!

My heart can’t handle it!

In general, you want to avoid making a second bad decision in the process of trying to correct the first one. I think the Ti-Cats would be at great risk of making a second bad decision by moving Cortez to GM. I do not see evidence that Cortez is ready or capable of handling the vital role of GM at this point… do you?
There may be other options available if the team wants to move Cortez aside or perhaps sever ties completely and still minimize the expense. I expect a demotion, for example, may not be acceptable to Cortez and he could be motivated to strike a deal acceptable to all parties to simply sever the relationship entirely. I’m not proposing that the parties do this by the way, I am simply citing the possibility. I expect the team will continue with Cortez at HC into next season but may have him on a “short leash” in case things are still not working out. That is, of course, unless Cortez himself is unhappy here and initiates a discussion with the Ti-Cats to find an agreeable ending.
Concerning Marcel, I think I read where he has taken a job with a United Football League team. If the Ti-Cats structured Marcel’s contract properly, it would likely specify that earnings he received from another football coaching position would be deducted from any severance pay owing by the Ti-Cats.

Frankly, this TiCat team doesnt deserve to reach the playoffs. There is no consistent heart and determination in this group. I saw more of that in Edmonton last night. A playoff game for the Cats , on the road no less, will just mean a quick season exit for them. Better to let the 2012 season fade away, and concentrate on saying goodbye to Ivor Wynne stadium, where the team's glory years will always lie.

I’m not there yet.

4 games left. Possible playoff spot.

I like to keep an eye on the last third of the season to see how a team enters the playoffs (if they make it)

Right now, Hamilton is 1-1 with 4 games remaining


A heck of a lot of “ifs” in your suggestions. But the biggest long shot is that you think there’s a chance Cortez would agree to a reduced contract. Fat chance. Would you? We almost sold the farm in our haste to get George Cortez. Who was responsible for that?
I think Scott Mitchell’s replacement should be an experienced football guy who could oversee Cortez as a GM if necessary. It would provide time to see if he was up to it and in the end cost the Caretaker less to get rid of him if he does not pan out. We have no evidence yet that Cortez could not be a capable GM.
I still have a lingering feeling that 'ol George has the smarts to turn out OK as a coach. It’s lingering for a shorter period of time these days but it’s still there. If that is right and he stays as coach, then I would like to see the part of the contract that spells out the decision making re players between him and Obie if Obie retires. Does that deal extend to Obie’s replacement? Who knows, maybe the contract guarantees that George will be Obie’s replacement. If so, no wonder Scott Mitchell has announced he is leaving the football operations side.
In a perfect world where I was the Caretaker, I would give Creehan the heave-ho RIGHT NOW, replace him for the rest of the season with Jim Daly, make Ozzie the Special teams co-ordinator and decide at playoff time if George Cortez should stay as coach for another season . If so,I would make Joe Womack the GM next year and then scour the earth for a Director of Football Operations. Jim Poppe?
That’s in my own perfect world. You may have a different take but I think unless some major stuff takes place and damn soon, next season will be a disaster for the team and the fans who still don’t know where any “home” games will take place.
We have a history since the Caretaker came of making changes too late…and the wrong changes. It’s time to shake things up…and not be afraid of doing it again if things don’t turn out. That’s the football business.
We all need to know it won’t be “the same old” in 2014 when the post-IWS era begins.

I like this. With one amendmeant though. Keep Cortez as HC at the end of season.

Even with a flawed offence, it’s still the most potent one in the league. There are reasons for giving him a multiple year contract as a rookie HC. He’s learning that position, doing fairly well IMO and will get better.