Possibility of the Als not making the playoffs?

Well, let's face it. With the crossover on its way only second place in the east will make the playoffs. The Gades are indeed horrible, but still play the Als twice. If the Gades some how miraculously win those games then that puts them two up on the Als or, in the event of a tie record at the end of the season, the Gades only need to win one more game against Montreal to get the season series which will put them in second.

That being said the chances of Ottawa finishing above Montreal are next to nothing, as the Als still play Hamilton twice so I just don't see it happening. But if this happens what will this do to Matthews and what will the reaction be from the fans?

Also it is clear that Paopao won't be 9-9, and they said he's finished as head coach if they don't go 9-9 this year. But in the event of the above taking place, he manages to host a playoff game to a western team, but only finishes say at 7-11. Will his job still be on the line if he hosts a playoff game, something the Riders haven't done for a generation?

Why are you so sure about a crossover?
Dont forget you need more point that the east. A tie wont do it.

Well right now based on points if the season ended tonight the Als wouldn't make the playoffs.

After watching the Lions/Als game, highly unlikely the Als won't make the playoffs. Despite losing, the Als looked good and should go on a run for the last 7 games.


Ottawa is in a tail spin...You'll make post season. You'll get back on track. Winnipeg is up next.

No because only one team the third place team can be bumped out

Two weeks ago, everybody scratched Regina from the playoff portrait. And two wins later, they will crossover for sure. Don't you forget the Riders lost 5 in a row? They could go downhill from here on... As well, if Montreal and/or Ottawa go on a winning spree, not even a good performance from the Riders will provide them with a crossover spot. They'll have to beat Calgary (or Edmonton, as they are only one game away) to make it to November.

No the Rens don't have to play the Als twice. They will only meet on October 29th.... Unless you were refering to the Eastern Semi-Final... Then yes, Ottawa and Montreal could play each other once more.

Next to nothing? You sure enjoy making bold statements based on nothing. Montreal and Ottawa have the same number of victories. Ottawa has one more loss. The Rens certainly aren't out of second place. This could very well be decided on October 29 when the serie between the two will be on the line.

Probably disappointment on both part. I doubt Matthews would be kicked out this off season. I am pretty certain he would be given the chance to rebound next year... Unless, of course, he keeps on making dumb calls like the one who killed the Als last Saturday.

And just why is that clear? He only needs four Ws...

If he hosts a playoffs game, that'll give him some arguments to stay. If he wins the Eastern Semi-Final, he'll be back next year for sure, regardless of what happens next in the playoffs. If he wins the Grey Cup, he will be given a lifetime contract, a pajama and a coupon to access Lonnie's Mansion of Lust...

Actually both Montreal and Ottawa can finish in first yet they should be worried about a crossover :roll:

Oh yeah the Als already beat the Gades. Whoops. Anyways I am counting my chickens before they hatch! I say it is guaranteed a western team will crossover. Guaranteed!!!

I think you should worry about your own team making the playoffs, The Als will be there and probably in Vancouver in November too!

I guarantee that the riders make the playoffs, but they wont be crossing over to the east, they will finish second behind B.C. Calgary is done and Edmonton is too beat up.

The Als will make the playoffs,there is no question about that.As you know that the playoffs are different altogether as any team can beat any other team on a given day.So if the Als advance past the first round,they will have to face those fabulous Argos.
The Argos always play better at thew SkyDome so any team like the Als or Renegades will be hard pressed to beat the Argos.

Hum, let's see the crossover rule :

The playoffs begin in November. After the regular season, the top team from each division has an automatic berth to the Division Finals, and the second place team has an automatic berth in the Division Semifinals. The third place team from each division will face the second place team, unless the fourth place team from the opposite division finishes with a better record (this provision is known as the crossover rule). The two division champions then face each other in the Grey Cup, which is held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of November.

If we finish 1st - We play at home :slight_smile:

If we finish 2nd - We play at home for the Semis :slight_smile:

3rd is NOT an option ! :slight_smile:

Looks like we'll see everyone at the Big O in November :wink:

then at the skydome

There is no way that the Als will lose out to the Renegades, that team looks horrible. If you guys play Toronto you will kill them. Toronto is not that good, my Riders beat them once and should have had the first game. You guys got off to a slow start because you lost alot of players in the offseason and had to adjust. Calvillo has had another great season and should be considered for MVP with all of the young and new receivers that came in. Just please don't beat us on Saturday, we haven't had a home playoff game since 1988 and are dying for one out here.

Sorry dude. But the Als' playoff fate isn't in the book yet, so we have to take it all out on anybody that stand in our way.

I'd love for the Als and Riders to meet again on November 27th. I wish you good. But I just can't wish you anything this week.

I would love to have the satisfaction of beating Don Mathews in the Grey Cup

Definetly my most hated coach in the league. If he wasn't your coach I would have zero animosity towards you guys at all.
Should be a good game on Saturday. with a little more then a month left in the season I think I may have a few heart attacks left in me. And then the playoffs start. jeez

Ottawa is finshed, so the Als will be making the playoffs after all. Might even get first actually. Calgary/Montreal east semi would be a good game because Burris always plays well against Montreal. Or even a Calgary/Montreal east final for that matter.

mont is much more likely to have the playoff bye than no playoffs at all. i suspect tor to hold onto 1st but it will be close.