Possibility of REDBLACKS Roadtrip!!

Hey y'all I brought this up a few years ago and thought of bringing it up again. Wouldn't it be coup for Ottawa REDBLACKS organization if they organized a coach/bus/train trip for REDBLACKS fans to one of the remaining TO or Montreal games, or maybe Eastern Final Sunday game?? It'd look good on tv (e.g. a section full of REDBLACKS clad fans)... Do we know anyone who has a jr. hockey team bus to lend us?? :wink: P.S. Regardless, I'll be at the Eastern final wearing my REDBLACKS tee and cap (wish they had more merchandise to offer e.g. team jerseys, toques, scarfs, jackets)?? REDBLACKS Advance!!!

Reblacks-clad will have to include t-shirts and hats only for now, I guess.

Why don't you throw thi sout to the team and see what they have to say? Jeff Hunt probably knows how to get his hands on a junior hockey team bus. :wink:

That would be a great idea! If the red blacks organization did that they could offer a discount to people who have already bought season tickets for next year for the trip! I am sure if the argonauts hold the eastern final at skydome that they would be very accommodating to the red blacks and offer up a deal to you guys! Would be a nice welcome party for the rest of the fans of the cfl watching on t.v.

I'm planning on coming to watch the game in Ottawa from Hamilton next year if I can get my buddies on board. Ideally hoping on a Summer game.

I think that would be great. I would definately go. I would wear my RedBlacks cap with my Ottawa Rough Riders jersey.