It would be a ton of fun if this continues to trend towards this direction.

The East is getting close to a possible crossover scenario and in as little as 2 weeks, it could be a reality!

Saskatchewan has games against Ottawa and Montreal coming up and if they lose both of those games there is a chance that the 4th place team in the East will be ahead of the 3rd place team in the West assuming that the Ticats win against MTL and Calgary loses at least once.

In the midst of the regular season grind I personally enjoy imagining the most outlandish scenarios such as having a team (Elks) go winless while another team (Argos) goes undefeated in the same year. (No, I definitely DO NOT want the Argos to go undefeated)

The idea of an Eastern crossover is so ludicrous that I would love nothing more than to see it come to pass and for that team to get to the Grey Cup game after so many failed attempts by Western crossover teams in years past.

What can I say, I enjoy chaos!

At the very least this can serve as a distraction from the idiocy that transpired at the end of Friday’s victory…



Most outlandish of all would be a HAM-TOR Grey Cup, played in HAM, with TOR as the home team.


In my very unscientific count just now, in East-West games, I’m getting 7 wins for the East and only 3 for the west. Would love to see this trend continue.


My thoughts exactly.

The dream of dreams!
Although not my first choice scenario of Hamilton being the Eastern champs, that would be fantastic second choice.
I wonder if the league would make the TiCats, in that situation, give up their dressing room? The Argos would, I’m sure, push for it.

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Truthfully, it’s about time.

I’m a western guy, and a Rider fan, and I think that east-west parity can only be good for the league.

The Tor-Ham GC possibility mentioned above would get some much-needed publicity and maybe even draw some new eyeballs to the game.

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I guess the same guys that do the league stats do the power rankings.

The GO Train Cup.


But would the Argos use the visiting locker room?

Never thought of the possibility until now. Wow! Just might have some people shaking in their boots.

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Suitor would never get over it.


The CFL takes over the stadium, PA, adverts and essentially runs the GC game. (The Festival, parties, and other events throughout the week are run by the host team, which is where the revenue goes).The designated home team in the Grey Cup game uses the home team locker room. In 1996, the Argos were the home team at the old Ivor Wynne Stadium and they used the Ticats locker room.

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Makes sense, thanks @ETMRaw. Maybe that’s the only way the football gods allow the Cats to win the Cup - at home, but as visitors.


And all we have to do to get there is beat BC and WPG on the road in consecutive weeks.


Hamilton should be above Calgary and Ottawa because their record is better than Calgary’s and they win the head to head against Ottawa.


In a single division, yes. A bunch of us have been advocating for that for years. But in the current flawed system, a team’s record matters less than their location.

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Let’s have some fun with the possibilities before pointing out the painful realities :canada::football:

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What you’re suggesting, my friend, is intriguing, to say the least; I do recall Western crossovers, but an Eastern crossover would be interesting.

Possible yes but highly improbable with the unbalanced schedule the CFL hs this year. The eastern teams play easten teams more often, the same with the west. There are fewer east west games where the east could really gain ground on the western teams. So a crossover team from the east would be the last place team in the east having 1 more win than the third place team in the west. Possible yes, but highly unlikely.


I have no problem with all 4 eastern teams in the playoffs
I have no problem with all 5 western teams in the playoffs
Why do we have divisions? The CFL don’t by horse and wagon anymore.
Why can’t we a balanced schedule and have a single division?
I have no problem with all 4 eastern teams in the top 4
I have no problem with all 5 western teams in the top 5