I will decline to post in the other stupid threads here about trades, new starting QBs, etc...

The two biggest positives (at least for me) from today were Holmes showing that he is indeed the best player in the league, and Vaughn showing that there's a very good reason he's had 11 straight 1000 yard seasons. Two of the smartest moves made by any GM in the league. :thup:

Maas showed he's capable of running a controlled offense. He needs more time to get used to receivers that are still "new" to him, but I have little doubt he will. He will be his own worst critic when the game film gets studied - we all know that.

Another positive is Williams... the man can run. I still don't agree with him being able to play under suspension, but seeing as that is old news I will just enjoy watching him break a few. Call me a turncoat if you want, but any true football fan can appreciate a great play no matter who executes it.

As a poster in some of the stupid threads... your points are well made.

Thank you my brain actually feels normal after reading that one. It's appreciated.


I was at the game today and saw many positives, much more solid than last year and will get much better.

Penalties really hurt today, first game emotions me thinks. That too will improve.

Enjoy this team this year people, it's the beginning of a great thing for years to come!!

p.s. those "other" threads are stupid and non-productive!!

Other than a few bad penaltys and missed assignments, I think the offensive line showed great promise.......there were many times when the QB had ample protection....

These are mostly new guys as far as the collective line is concerned and I think they will 'jell' fast.....

I also think out return game was better....most returns went 'north and south' for positive yards.....

And Yeast seemed like he was on a mission today...too bad that TD got called back......sighhhhhhh

One more thing...nice work by Renard Cox too!


Missing Ranek was a huge factor. Cant condemn the offense just yet. Add penalties and a soft secondary, missed FG and INT. and the game was STILL win-able.

Thank you Roy Shivers for Corey Holmes.

I agree with everything said here, however, I don't our defence has improved at all, Armour was a nice addition but there was nothing else to get excited about. The db's are the same from last year and they're still being burned at the same rate as last season, why this was not adressed after last season baffles me. At some point they're going to have to shake up the secondary instead of going with the same group that is ranked last in the league every year, and acting like they're not a problem area.

I almost thought I’d logged on to the wrong site. Thanks Ty :wink: I was extremely impressed by Holmes. He’s a steamroller. Bang on about Vaughn as well. For a little guy he can sure take a hit.

Tay Cody also impressed me. I see a very promising season ahead of us.

I think we play coverage too soft, too afraid of giving up the big play. As a result we let them get field goal after field goal to put us away by taking the stuff underneath... having said that, I thought it kind of reminded me of the argo D.

We need to play Jykine Bradley... get this guy in the game.