In the past 6 games we have had 2 wins, a blowout loss to BC and losses by 7, 3 and 6 points. Those 3 losses were to teams ahead of us and were all winnable games. This with a struggling QB who does not seem to be getting better at deciding when to throw or when not to throw. I believe he will get better at this. That was one big hit he took { right in front of our seats} and I hope he recovers quickly.

In the meantime...if Harris starts, we have a good shot at winning even if he is mediocre because of our overall talent on the field. Remember, the Ottawas only scored 12 points. Should we lose it's okay because Harris will have a game experience under his belt when it comes to playing the Argos in the semi final. The Argos are terrible and we should handle them setting up a re-match in Ottawa. Harris would have 2 games under his belt.

Henry is having a banner season....I believe Bad Henry will show up at some point and throw 3 picks at the worst possible moment for the RedBlacks.

The officiating cannot be as poor again as it was last game. Statistically impossible isn't it?

Finally, I'm going to Ottawa so we better win so as to not ruin my weekend.

Thanks for posting,
It will be tough, but how much of a drop off will Harris be from Mathews?
Our Defense and Special's will have to play well, and our offense must not turnover the ball.
I am expecting to win by 7+ points, clinch the East crown and get a needed bye into the East Final at THF :thup:

Since Harris is more mobile than Mathews, it would be nice to see them call some rollouts to keep their D off balance. Harris' skill set is closer to Zach's than Mathews.

Good attitude! We have a good team and, win or lose, we have had a good year. Still hosting a play-off game!

My pre-game hotdog was tasty. The ever present wind at THF is not. We never had winds like this at Ivor Wynne Stadium. I love our new stadium but the north/south alignment is killing us. Maybe we should build some permanent seating in the south end, in order to block the wind. I blame the Pan Am soccer dudes. :twisted:

Pat Lynch(the old guy on the east side of THF)

I like the wind! It's tougher on opponents than us.

How would it be tougher on our opponents? It's the same wind for both teams.

Probably the most intriguing subject line in a while on here. It just seems like it's been all doom and gloom!

Positives? The defense - Always the defense. Would be nice to see them get a sack. Good knee or bad Henry is not the mobile QB he once was and with a swarm of defenders he's lost in a collapsing pocket (Who remembers the games in Guelph?). If the D can hold the Redblacks to two touchdowns this game is winnable.

Our running game can only get better.

I still think Matthews has a future but with the patched up o-line we need someone with mobility to keep the pass rush honest. If whoever is in can make 10 yard throws and run for a few we can win this.

The one big positive is this was the best Cats team in 15 years before Zach went down.

Over time if we keep a fairly consistent roster of players (especially on offense and of course @ kicker) that could be true as our guys will be more accustomed to the winds and the coaches may find better ways to game plan to account for it. Right now, I don't think that they have played enough games in the past year and a half or had enough practice time there for it to have a significant advantage.

Positives ? We get to play this team again this week…payback is a B!tch. Ya blew it RB’s you should have buried us in that first game but guess what ? Ya couldn’t get the job done and yer measly 6 pt lead should be history around the end of the 1rst quarter on Saturday. Another positive ? a very pissed off bunch of Defensive players will have another crack at that whiny little suck hole that goes by the name of Burr"ass". Prediction Time : Hankie doesn’t see the end of this game cause someone is going to take him the f–k out !!! Guaranteed !!!

Legally of course.... :roll:

I guess you don't believe in Karma. Wishing bad on others will come back to haunt you. Let's just beat them fair and square without the wish (legal or not) of injury to any player on either team. :rockin:

Well said.

well if you believe in karma..

  1. youve got some screws lose in need of tightening :wink:
  2. technically, it would be BoBo that gets injured for "wishing" bad on others, not our team

I believe in karma and fate and that everything happens for a reason, and I don't wish injuries on anyone. Those that hope or wish injuries on others have serious personal issues. Clean game, hard fought and the best team on the field that day, wins. It's not complicated.

Totally agree with you on that.

I hope no one gets hurt, we play well and win.

doesn't compute

I'm with you on everything else though