Alright I have been looking at the negatives since the start of this losing streak and now I figure Its time to look at the positives. I could sit here an point out everything out team is doing wrong but I am gonna point out the things I believe our team is doing well.

  • Running the ball! Sheets is running well and this game Durant was taking off! It was nice to see! If we can keep doing that things will open up sooner or later! Our run blocking is pretty solid as well!

  • Bringing in potential! As much as we aren't doing good you do have to remember that it is a very different team! Our offense line is almost completely revamped! Best is our only returning starter, and he has been injured! We have a very young O-line who hasn't really played together! Sheets was a wonderful find! And on defense I see some guys who I think are going to be really good! Kromah, Turenne, Hurl, Mick Williams!

  • Our defense has honestly been playing very good. We have been holding teams to very few points. We have kept games close enough to win! Only 17 points this last game! Keeping teams under 20pts in the CFL is very good! Our defense has kept us in the game most every game! Our offense just keeps letting us down!

  • We have a great Head Coach! I think this guy is just awesome! I might be feeling different if we lose a bunch more games but I think he is intelligent and has the team moving in the right direction!

I agree with most of your points. This team is young, and will take a few years to become dominant.

??? They are the laughing stock of the league. Absolute worst team in this league by a Saskatchewan mile.

I think Winnipeg is worse, also remember how young this team is.. Then think back to last year. We have changed over a lot on this team. How many new players do we have this year that have never played in the CFL before. We have. We were HORRIBLE last season and we have shown flashes of a great team this year. If our offense could get working we would be a great team.

Yes we have been playing like absolute garbage the last two games, but even so we have still been in them right to the end. We aren't getting blown out 34 to 7 every game, things aren't as grim as they look.

At the start of this year I told myself that this year was going to be a write off. I didn't expect us to win many games with all the new players and coaches involved its gonna take some time to gel! Relax! A great football team isn't born in one season.

I don't think Winnipeg is worse. I think they screwed up letting Lapo go..this team was just starting to turn around with a few key guys back. They had a big win, then took BC the distance.

Positives...hmm...well I guess it's positive that they are so Shtty now that I've forgotten all the excuses they gave last year for being so shtty then? :lol: :wink:

Home team is guaranteed to win at least one game in 2013 at Taylor field. Someone has to be designated as home team in the Grey Cup. :slight_smile:


I like your style,it's easy to kick a team when it's down and boy this team is down(BUT NOT OUT) we are a young team and the experience we gain will come at a cost and more than likely more losses than wins :frowning: .This in the way this team will grow and mature under a fine Head Coach who is not getting the rub of the green at the moment and like his team will take his lickings and learn from them.There is a lot to be positive about ,The Offensive line has some fine players in place and when these guys spend some time together they will be a nightmare to deal with from a Defensive point of view.Sheets is showing flashes of what he can do and again when the Line kicks in so will he(he ain't doing half bad at the moment but there is so much more to come)

The Defense is doing a good job and keeping us in games and that's where I feel peoples frustrations are borne out with the lack of a killer Offense to take advantage of the bend but don't break Defense we have.The Coaching Staff have done a great job getting the players onto the Roster that will get us back to winning ways sooner rather than later.

We also have 10 unanswered points after last weeks game against Calagary so we have something to build on :smiley: