I just thought, since we have posts about the misgivings of Bauer, Kelly and Bishop ad nauseam, maybe we should see what positives we can come up with. I'm no Pollyanna, so here it goes.

O-line....patchwork crew,least amount of sacks allowed, not too shabby! will get better.

RBs..........Reid, up there with the best, if he keeps his mouth shut and gets more touches, can be leader. Bernard, reminds me of a caged animal, maybe we should unleash him,lots of potential.

QBs......when Bishop is on, he's a joy to watch. Santos, this guy is a bull,has a linebacker mentality,wants to play and win.

RECs.....inexperienced, but consistency will improve over time, where were Amey and Guice on Sunday?

DEF....what can I say?...low on sacks, but led in INTs. a tweak here and there and they can shut down anybody.will only get better--the highlight of the team........Logan improving each game, he reminds me of somebody, can't remember who.

STs.....not too bad and improving.

Coaches....stand behind their players no matter what( discuss amongst yourselves)

Overall, this is a YOUNG team on it's way up!
Now for the naysayers, a sure sign of immaturity is when you can only feel good about yourself by putting others down. Imagine what you could say on the Argo forum, you could really feel superior there! We lost! Congrats to Ham and good luck!

Dan with all due respect you don't live in Winnipeg. You don't experience the feeling of having your team and city be the laughing stock of the CFL. You have not had to put up with the endless circus atmosphere day in and day out caused by a big mouth coach with no brains. You want to know something. It still has not stopped. Kelly has caused enormous embarrassement to the club, city, and province. I'm sorry, but this is just not about the team anymore. Something you would not know anything about. Argos finishing last is one thing. But they did not have the circus atmosphere and endless controversy during their season. We finished first in that category.

I'm a Tor. Maple Leaf fan! Do I need to say more?

Your going to blame the fact your a miserable person on Kelly ? Guess what he has had the same result as Ritchie, Daly, Berry and every other coach since Riley won in 90. So don't worry about the coach , you can't control anything. The real fans of the Bombers realize this and just hope the current coach , can stike gold. Kelly will be here next year, if the team struggles, he will be fired and we will bring in another coach who will rebuild the team and we will go through the same growing pains as this year. Common sense would suggest, we give kelly a chance to see if the team is becomming a contender. If you bring in a new coach at this point and try and rebuild , we may not win a game, next year. If we get a solid starting QB we will be a good team.

And a solid offensive coordinator. No matter how good a QB is, it would be tough to be successful using that offensive package that the Bombers started the season with (and, for some inexplicable reason, went back to in Sunday’s final game).

And more positives. . .

A very good defensive coordinator in Mark Nelson, and the addition of really talented guys on the defence. . . Shabazz, Hefney, Walls, Willis et al

Provided they condouct a PROPER and CLEAN competition for the job, there is no way they could do any worse than Kelly.

He has divided the fan base so sharply that there is no future for him in Winnipeg.

We had 29 000 last week, I would call that one sided. If he starts next year 5 and 2, he will have a future. It's all about winning . If he does it next year he stays, if not he goes.

NO question there are many passionate Bomber fans. But this us against the world thing will only work for so long.

Yes winning makes a lot of things go away...

We'll know how happy the league really is with Kelly if next year's schedule comes out and Winnipeg opens up:

@ Montreal
@ Calgary

That schedule would be better than the one we had this year.


  1. Move Kelly upstairs to full time GM.
  2. Hire a HC & OC with CFL experience and hire a former star QB to work with our young ones.
  3. Hit the FA market this season, get a big time possession receiver and a QB or trade for them.

Then I will sleep better at nights and be optimistic for next season.

I should have added that Simpson will be dealt to the Als in the off season, probably for some of those picks THCfx likes to toss in our face.

Kelly will probably get the first half of the season and if things are not looking good, he will be shown the door.
I agree we need a QB , but who ? Not Joseph, Bishop's better. Pierce is made of glass, he should retire ! Jackson , maybe ?
Mcpherson, but doubt the ALS will part with him, Calvillo not getting younger and may have 2 years left. I think a HEALTHY lefors should get a look as well as Santos. Or if we can borrow Doug Fluties Brain for a while and let Bishop use it :cowboy:

There is a dearth of good QBs. This is a cycle even the NFL goes through. The CFL has 3 or 4 bonafide QBs. It may be a good time to hang on to what you've got. It takes a while to develop rookies into starters. Revolving door tryouts seldom work.


lots of positives going into the offseason:

Some already call Hefney (1985) on of the best DB's in the league. Guys a keeper, with an attitude that's contagious. Brendan Labatte (1986, non import) is very underrated and going to be the centerpiece of our OLine for years. Serna had a great comeback year and is one of the youngest in the league at that position. he's only goin to get better.

The D line really stands out to me for the future though. Donny O (86) a Canadian with Dorian Smith (85) Phillip Hunt (86) and O. Willis (84). I have a feeling we're going to come to love these guys....

How about this WR lineup? Young and the biggest in the league.
Bowman (85) 6'4 220
Hargeaves (86) 6'5 235 non-import
Guice (86) 6'3 220
Arthur (82) 6'4 225

Oh - forgot to add......Go Montreal, woohoo.....I'm going to go puke now!

the most impressive thing about this though is the number of different QB's they had to protect. The fact they surrendered the least amount of sacks is crazy!

Go Montreal! This is our year not to choke! (I think I'm getting the hang of this now....)

Doubt it, Als play Emry at the position and he's a NI and with Sanchez at the twilight I doubt the Als can afford to go to an import at MLB. I could see the Als make a deal with Toronto for Pottinger

I As it stands now I do believe the Als will pick 7th, 9th. (Winnipeg) and 15th. They likely will be looking for Receivers, DB's and Linebackers in the draft.

Jim never gives his picks away. Jabari Arthur is the only "young" player that might interest the Als I think but from what I've heard that foot fracture is carreer threatening so who knows. Most of the Bombers talent are DB's and Import receivers where the Als are fine.

It will be interesting to see what the Als do in the off season. Chiu, Cahoon, Sanchez potentially could decide to retire.
Chiu the Als currently have a replacement for. Cahoon can not be replaced but that would likely force the Als to look at FA or a trade as they currently only have Desrivaux. Sanchez is another interesting situation. Als have Paul Woldu who has exceptional quickness but is a little light.

While fans ove other teams are looking forward to these guys retiring they sometimes forget how much cap space it will free as well.

Thanks for the laugh, like that ever comes into play with the Als.

Well I doubt that Als are able to hide the salaries of 3 star NI...