Positives Thus Far

I think we may have found a suitable kickoff returner. Davis reminds me of when Stephan Logan began with the Lions.
Kudos to Paris Jackson for his work ethic against Calgary. Hope his back heals quick.
Geroy is Geroy - the most reliable Lion we have.
Sanchez continues to impress; he was all over the field.
Paul McCallum has more than earned back his job.
I think Jarious showed us he's ready to take the reins.

Positive: I have tickets to Calgary on the 27th and may still see their first home win of the season. Half way through the season.

Four out of five isn't bad.

Not a big Jackson fan. Like Printers he forces the ball into tight coverage instead of throwing it away into the 5th row bleachers.

I'll be at the game as well... making the road trip in from SK.

As for positives, the entire D has been good... They bend and give up yards, but consider how many TD's they've given up in 6 games (11). If only the offense could put up 3-4 major scores a game we'd be fine.