Positives From The Game

Ok folks, I spent most of last night after the game as disappointed and (honestly) disgusted as the rest of you. Today, I'm still really disappointed, but I'm trying to find some perspective and want to point out a few of the positives from last night's game.

  1. The team was much improved in the area of penalties. Very few penalties and no really REALLY stupid ones.

  2. Guys like Mike Morreale, Julian Radlein, Tay Cody, Tim Cheatwood and James Cotton who were working hard EVERY single play they were on the field.

  3. Our defence. They weren't perfect, but they got 2 (or was it 3) sacks, and held the Bombers to only one touchdown in the 2nd half. They also would have had an interception run back for a touchdown if the ref hadn't blown that play dead early.

  4. Purolator Tackle Hunger brought in a lot of food and a lot of money to help the Hamilton food bank.

So as much as we have reason to be disappointed, I think we have to try to see what went well last night too.

4) Purolator Tackle Hunger brought in a lot of food and a lot of money to help the Hamilton food bank.
I thought we should have done something nice for charity and put Greg Randall in at QB for a few snaps. Just think of the applesauce that would buy!
  1. I thought Fleming had a few nice punts. I don’t know what his average was, but it seemed like he was striking the ball a lot better than in previous games.

  2. Holmes was moderately effective every time he rushed the ball. All 6 times. Too bad most of those times were the option or the shovel pass.

Flemings average was 42 yds. outside of the dumb fake punt try pat had a great game compared to his other games

I see that now. But I also notice that Westwood (who is awesome, hair and everything) had a 51 yard average. But I guess it depends how many times Fleming had to kick into the wind.

Hey they finally got Mike Morreale back in. He is one of the best leaders the cats have and he is always prepared to take the hard catches

I agree with some of this, but not all. I'm glad to see you can at least try to see some positives out of one of the worst games in recent history.

  1. Agreed, we didn't take as many dumb penalties, although their offense appeared to not need help. They were consistantly moving the ball 10 yards and more.

  2. I don't think the result was entirely due to a lack of effort. I saw lots of effort, just didn't see a sign of good preparation, or execution. These players are really down, as much or more than most of us.

  3. I'm not sure that the defense was a positive. They may have played better then the O and special teams, but they gave up way too many yards way too easily. They did play a little better in the third quarter, but often due to some dropped passed by Winnipeg, not great plays they made. I personally am real sick of the lack of defensivive schemes, blitz packages, and the 3 man rush on second and long. This team's secondary and linebackers are not good enough to allow the quarterback all day to pass. The only way we will get results is by either pressuring the QB or making the QB believe we will pressure. Each sack we got was a good old fashion pressure up the middle sack. This was a positive to see. By the way, I agree that the ref's blew the call on the interception. Winnipeg did not make the tackle, or touch the player when he was down. If they did contact the player resulting in him being knocked down, they should have been called for interference.

  4. Food and money raised for the food bank. Can't argue against that one. Puts things into perspective.

  5. Flemings punting. He did get better, but long after he cost us dearly. He needs to get that snap cleanly and get the ball off. Lancaster indicated the fake was not called, so I say this was a really bad choice.

  6. Holmes was a little effective, but they needed to establish the passing game before they could run against Winnipeg, particularly between the hashes. This never happened, and then we were playing catch up.

Overall, sorry to say it, but still tough to see much positive. This was just a plain old stinker. Let's agree to forget about it and move on to the next game. Who do we play? ... Oh Crap!

morealle made 2 good catches, its the same guys week in and week out that show up to play, the rest show up for the pay check and the party after the game.

The Bombers won. That's a huge positive.

On the other hand, we have 42 professional footballers that are geared up to kick your collective butts.

I know, I know, you did "ours" on Friday, but the next game is a different thing.

Wpg has weaknesses, and is hardly undefeated. Likewise they have a few things to "learn".

One of these is "not to blank a team in their home park"-especially if you have to play them again in 7 days!

Another is that you better have something "new" to show us next week, (which I believe unlikely) because we are going to come back at you entirely differently, and, as I noted above, really motivated to make you look bad n front of the home town...

So don't get too cock a hoop just yet...we will play again, and we will remember and repay...

I'd like to agree with you Lifter but the way the Cats have been playing (this year...last season...the season before etc etc.) I'm terrified of going to the Cats vs Bombers game this coming Friday.

I try to go whenever the Cats come to town here in Winnipeg and I usually bring all 4 kids and we are all proudly wearing our Cats jerseies. Normally the ribbing (and sometimes abuse) we get can get a little frustrating. But after a 29-0 drubbing...I can't imagine the taunting we're going to get.

But if I may add to my previous post. If I could sit along the sidelines with the team with my kids...then I could live with that. At least we'd be further from the abuse and I'd have some rather large Ticat players as added protection.

Did you catch any of this Bob?

Hi Wallace

I can sure appreciate where you are coming from, thewestern fans can sure beat you up for the wrong jersey!

On the other hand, the Cat players are burned by the embarrassement of Friday's game and are going to be laying some licks (if only in job protection mode!)

The TiCats may not win, but its not going to be a repeat of yesterday, and Wpg will learn not to leave a goose egg on the scoreboard for the competition, when playing out of town...

Hamilton plays well against Montreal, because Montreal does not respect us.

Wpg is learning not to respect us, but we will be teaching a lesson in the next week...

Okay, this is TOTALLY off topic... But I am quite surprised that a particular isn't filtered.

Sorry to interrupt... Please continue...

It didnt rain :lol: :lol:

TSN went to regular programming (the second game) right after the debacle ended. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,